Can't log in? Get a message "Invalid Token"? Clear Your Browser's Cache

... And cannot log in or anything. What do I do?

Congratulations, you have  “stale cookie syndrome” – nope, not fatal but it’s what’s causing the problem… here’s the deal:

Invalid tokens are a cookie problem on your browser. In essence your browser is holding onto an old stale cookie and the system knows is old and no longer valid.

Cookies are just temporary files stored on your browser that let the system know who it is talking to each time do something, in essence, it's like a name tag you stick on your shirt at a meeting so people will know who you are... only the browser can't see you so it has to use a file on your browser to do sort of the same thing. And, each time you log in again, it fills out a new name tag using a code it makes up.

That's the technical stuff.

Here’s the solution:

  1. Clear your browsers cookies (see you browser’s help) - If you use chrome, be sure to clear your cookies and cache using the “From the beginning of time” option or it won’t fix the problem.
  2. Clear your browser’s cache.
  3. Close your browser and then reopen and log in.

HERE"S HOW TO DO THAT: Click here for instructions for almost any browser (each is different).

You can also use a different browser.

That should solve your problem, if not, email:

Want to fix the problem for good?

Well, most of the time, you can get away with clearing your cookies and cache manually....

However, we recommend you use a free program (PC or MAC) called CCleaner from  to clean up your system and keep cookies and other obsolete files cleaned up automatically. CCleaner scrubs out all the old expired, moldy, rancid browsers pages and cookies that Chrome, Explorer and Firefox plus other programs leave behind and don’t clean up. (It's super easy to use.)

This problem actually gets so bad that I’ve had people unable to use my sites until they cleaned their computers up. Usually the first time CC runs, it will remove about 2GB of old stuff that is not just slowing your system down but also makes it show stuff like display old data.You’ll want to get the free home version, install it and let it run.

After it finishes, rerun the program a couple more times as even more stuff bubbles up after you clean things. Thereafter, the program watches and alerts you when it’s time to clean your computer again. It will not harm your system or remove anything you don’t want it to (most likely passwords which you can turn off if you use the browser to autofill passwords). It’s easy and you’ll be glad you used it.