How to Update or Change your Credit Card Information

Only you can change your credit card information.  

Login into the GNPA website, go to the 'Membership' dropdown menu.

Then select 'Member's Account Information' and go to the 'Member's Information' and as you hover over this option you should see 3 options.  Select by clicking on second option 'Check Your ... Billing and Membership'. 

Click the BLUE option box 'Edit your account', this allows you to go down and make changes or updates to your information.  Such as credit card data, which is Number 2. as you scroll down.   

Once you have changed this or any other data, be sure to click the BLUE Box 'Save".   

After you have completed the update, you may wish to return to the HOME page and repeat repeat these steps to verify your billing information to ensure has been updated correctly.

You will also be able to change your card when your account renews if it is expired.  The system will email you and inform you your card is expired.  It will give you the opportunity to update my credit card information.