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2017 03 Dragonflies Damselflies Book cover small 17.01.23Giff Beaton author of “Dragonflies and Damselflies of Georgia and the Southeast” and widely known for his outstanding photography and knowledge of birds, dragonflies, damselflies, reptiles and other things of nature.

Tonight’s focus will be Dragonflies and Damselflies of Georgia as he also shares and discusses some of his photographic examples.  Learn more about how to photograph, find and approach one of nature’s interesting groups.

He has eagerly studied nature for over 40 years and for the past 25 years, he has led a variety of bird, nature and history tours and given a diverse range of nature presentations.

He has several other books on Birding Georgia, Birds of Kennesaw Mountain, coauthor of The Breeding Bird Atlas of Georgia and Birds of Georgia, and the senior author and editor of the Annotated Checklist of Georgia Birds.  

2017 03 Giff Beaton in the field small 17.01.23His current concentration is the study and photographing dragonflies, robber flies, tiger beetles, caterpillars and jumping spiders. His photos have appeared in numerous books and articles.

Giff and his wife Allie live in Marietta, GA, with their twin sons (Wyatt Paul and Gifford Day), and he has been a pilot for over 30 years, first with the US Navy following his 1977 US Navy Academy graduation and the last 29 years with Delta Air Lines.  Giff will also be bringing along some of his books for purchase and autographing.  Several available on Amazon.

Then a little time for Q&A.

To learn more about Giff Beaton, his work, educational opportunities in workshops and fieldtrips as well as some of his non-profit work … visit his website at

It should be another great program, don’t miss it! 

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