Wednesday, May 23, 2018  7:00 PM

Cornerstone Coworking
279 W Crogan Street
Lawrenceville, GA

Doors open at 6:30pm, so come a little early and visit with other photographers before the meeting starts.

2018 05 john grogan

John Grogan’s passion for photography began early and grew through high school and college. At East Carolina University, he worked for the student media services and was exposed to many photographic opportunities. This is where John developed his love for photographing sports and had other opportunities that has influenced and shaped his photography. Since then John has developed his style and technique into a professional career, providing a wide variety of photographic products to clients all over the Southeast US and beyond.

In 2001, John moved to Boone, North Carolina from Winston-Salem where he continued to develop his own style for landscapes. Influenced by North Carolina’s unequalled coastal region, the mountain regions added a strong love to be outdoors with his photography. Today, he lives in the Greater Atlanta area with his wife Denise. His strong passion for photography has been strengthened by continuing his study of photography. John has taught classes in North Carolina and Virginia and continues to teach workshops at various locations and share his photography with photography clubs.

Please visit John's Photography websites:
Grogan & Fralick, Commercial Photography
Sports Media South, Sports Media Photography
John H. Grogan, Personal Photography Work
John H. Grogan, Merging Talents

Photography Projects:
Virginia Creeper Trail Photos, Virginia Creeper Trail
Southern Train Depots, Preserving America’s Rail Architectural History


Concurrently this evening, we will also have Berrie Smith () of Berrie Smith Camera Repair setup in back of the room. He is offering a special sensor cleaning of your cameras and clean and examine your lenses. The camera cost is $35.00 per body and $10.00 per lens.

Berrie has 25+ year experience working with several of the major manufactures, local companies and photographers. He has also been a regular vendor for the CNPA (Carolina Nature Photographers Association) annual conference.


Camera batteries MUST be fully charged to do sensor cleaning!

Please send an email () before the meeting with the following information:
1. Your name
2. Camera Model
3. Number of Camera Bodies
4. Number of Lenses.

Remember, your cost will be $35 per camera body + $10 per lens. A single of each would be $45, please be prepared to pay at time of cleaning. This is very reasonable, come and take advantage.

See you at the meeting.