November 13, 2018 - Technique Triple Play – Dehaze with Marvin Price, Painterly Processing with Cheryl Tarr, and Genetics Gone Awry and Mike Birnbaum


2018 11 Frojay by Mike BirnbaumWe are trying a different format for our November 13th meeting.  We will have not 1, but 3 featured speakers.  These speakers are all experts in very unique techniques.

Cheryl Tarr will talk about how she creates a painterly look in her photos.  She has several techniques she will show us.  

Marvin Price will focus on creative uses of the Photoshop and Lightroom dehaze filter.  He will demonstrate use of the filter by salvaging images from the GNPA puffin trip shot in foggy conditions as well as using the filter to improve night time star pictures.

Mike Birnbaum will present his unique method for creating photos he calls 'genetics gone awry'.  He will demonstrate how to make selections, mask the layers, and how to make a composite photo.  His technique is very entertaining.

You will come away with a few more techniques in your toolbox and hopefully be inspired