2017 09 Pastel Ap Selfie

We are happy to announce we have rescheduled our speaker from the cancelled Sept 12 meeting to Oct 10th.

Our speaker on October 10th is Sherry Hardage, the Gallery Coordinator for the Roswell Fine Arts Alliance.  Sherry is RFAA's organizer of the Double Vision II Show that will be on display from September 1 through November.  

Double Vision is a joint gallery hanging that combines photographs and artwork.  Beautiful shots by GNPA members are then interpreted by the talented artists of RFAA using a variety of media such as watercolor, oils, acrylics, pastels, collage and colored pencil.  

Sherry will discuss artistic composition and the commonalities of artistic principles in the photos and artworks on exhibit. Sherry will talk about how a sampling of RFAA artists decided what aspect of each photo they wanted to incorporate in their works. 


During Sherry’s thirty-year teaching career working with gifted students, she taught both Videography and Art History.  She took painting workshops during summer breaks and, once retired, started pursuing a second career as an artist.  She now works in six different media including watercolors, oils, acrylics, pastels, mixed media and collage.  Whenever anyone asks which one she likes best, the answer is always “whatever I have in my hand at the moment.”

Sherry currently teachs a beginning/intermediate acrylic and oil painting class and gives workshops on monoprinting, color study and collage.  AND, she has recently purchased a digital SLR which one of  our wonderful members is going to help her learn to use well.