I have asked a few of our well known and outstanding women photographers (not that all of you are not outstanding photographers!) to appear as a panel to learn their approaches to some of their wonderful nature photography.

2017 02 panel imageThe panelists are:

Sophie De Backer, Marcia Brandes, Kathy Aspy, Mary Jo Cox, and Toni Anderson

They will tell a little about their:

  • Current Gear (camera, favorite lens, special gear in your bag).
  • Post processing software including any plug-ins they like
  •  Favorite nature targets and what else they shoot
  •  Favorite places to shoot and maybe show some of their work.             

Then the floor will be open for any questions, explore some of their photography that might interest you, and perhaps get some hints, secrets, ideas that can be of benefit to all of us in improving our skills and results of our nature photography.

The second part of the evening will be a presentation on the use of your camera for Time Lapse Photography…what do you need, how do you plan and set up for the shoot, and what post processing approaches to use.  There will also be a few examples including a couple of the nature winners of this last year’s first International Time Lapse Photography competition in LA.

2017 02 TL Image 1  2017 02 TL Image 2