Making Your Photographs Matter

The Conservation Committee of Georgia Nature Photography Association was chartered in January, 2018 to fulfill one of the core principles of GNPA.  Our goal is that members become aware of how they can engage in GNPA’s conservation efforts and have the skills to make valuable contributions to conservation in Georgia.

What is Conservation Photography?  Conservation photography is defined more by the way it is used than by what it contains. In that respect, conservation photography is that particular kind of evocative, emotion-laden photography that inspires action to protect and conserve the natural world. Within that broad category, almost any kind of photograph can be used for conservation purposes:

  • Stock photos donated to local nature organizations
  • Scenics, wildlife, and macro shots of nature that are specifically requested
  • Images of people enjoying outdoor activities
  • Photos taken at organization events
  • Art photos donated for fundraising
  • Photographers helping educate organizations on how to use and present photos.