GNPA 2018 EXPO Photo Competition Winners

2018 04 expo bannerThe winning images from the 2018 GNPA Expo Photo Competition have been announced, the images showcase the immense talent and vision of GNPA members and are an inspiration for us all to up our game. And there is no better way to do that than attend your chapter monthly meetings and the Annual Expo.
1stPlace Steve White DinnerTime-252
2ndPlace Brenda Hill Polar Plunge-247
3rdPlace Michael Anderson At the Feast-248
HM Jamie Anderson Barred Owl Perch-249
HM Ken Dunwoody Before The Escape-250
HM Tom Simpson PuffinPortrait-251
HM Guerry Doolittle Brown Headed Nuthatch-253
1stPlace Joyce Glover HideAndSeek-259
2ndPlace Vicki Smith Surveying His Domain-254
3rdPlace John Heinhold Golden Stare-255
HM Alice Hawks Lift Mine Eyes-256
HM Lee Friedman Tranquil Time-257
HM Michael Anderson Tasting the Air-258
1stPlace Jim Powers Avalanche Lily-263
2ndPlace Lori Prosser Amanita Muscaria-264
3rdPlace Dale Aspy lily-265
HM Lee Friedman Floating in Color-260
HM Randy Lewis Tiger Lily -262
HM Michael Anderson Rock Flower-261
HM David Foster Beauty and the Beast-266
HM Kathy Aspy lily and reflection-267
1st place Cheryl Tarr Leaning Juniper-269
2ndPlace Vicki Smith The Watchman at Sunset-270
3rdPlace Steve Weiss Silky-271
HM John Heinhold Fall Sunrise on Oxbow Bend-272
HM Randy Lewis Going Fishing-274
HM Lori Prosser Bavarian Alps-273
HM Thomas Yackley Sunrise at Sandy Beach-268
1st Jim Squires Coral Polyps-275
2ndPlace Thomas Yackley Basket Fern-276
3rdPlace Janet Newton UNDER the LOTUS LEAF-277
HM Chris Dahl Layers-278
HM Lori Prosser Daisy Drops-279
HM Tom Simpson WebBeads-280
1stPlace Cheryl Tarr White tulip -284
2ndPlace Jamie Anderson Wormsloe s Avenue of Oaks-281
3rdPlace Michael Anderson Who are You-282
HM Thomas Yackley Brahmas Lullaby-283
1stPlace Lori Prosser Meadow Landing-286
2ndPlace Kathy Aspy potato bug-287
3rdPlace Joyce Glover BugleCall-288
HM Jerry Black RiverCrossing-289
HM Rinku Rajan Soul Stare-285