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May 12, 2018 Fernbank Science Center and the GNPA Photo Competition Winning Images

May 24, 2018
World Migratory Bird Day: World Migratory Bird Day is a two-day annual international event held on the second weekend of May to highlight the need to protect migratory birds and their habitats. The following are the winning images from the competition.…
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GNPA 2018 EXPO Photo Competition Winners

April 17, 2018
The winning images from the 2018 GNPA Expo Photo Competition have been announced, the images showcase the immense talent and vision of GNPA members and are an inspiration for us all to up our game. And there is no better way to do that than attend your…
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2017 EXPO Photo Competition Winners & Gallery

April 17, 2017
Click on a thumbnail to display with winners names and photos.
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2017 GNPA Annual EXPO Photo Competition

February 17, 2017
We have had quite a bit of feedback from previous Expos about how preparing images for the photo competition makes it difficult to enjoy the other activities of Expo. So…There is a big change in this year’s competition. You will be submitting images in…
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Photo Competitions

January 24, 2015