2017 09 GLACIER COVERGlacier National Park is a well known destination for photographers offering stunning landscapes, water, and macro photographic opportunities.   What is not so well know is it's also a fantastic location for getting once in a lifetime shots of Grizzly Bear, Wolves, Mountain Lion, Fox (three varieties), Bobcat and Lynx.

It’s an adventure that will leave you with lasting memories and plenty of pictures to commemorate the experience.

Next year the GNPA is offering 14 lucky photographers the opportunity to photograph Glacier and wildlife. There are two dates, each limited to 7 photographers plus the trip leader:

  • Group 1:  September 9 to September 17
  • Group 2:  September 13 to September 21

Whether you are looking to photograph beautiful white snow-capped mountains, the zigzag patterns of split rail fences, lake reflections, wildlife or colorful aspen groves, this small and personal tour has a little bit of everything for you.

The month of September provides beautiful weather, and you will enjoy the crisp cool mornings and the rugged beauty of the mountains. The beautiful golden Aspens together with the colorful underbrush provide stunning foreground focal points to capture the beauty of the region.

Each day we will plan a sunrise shot, morning photography, mid-day break, afternoon photography and sunset shots.

The Triple D Game Ranch is considered one of the premiere captive wildlife photographic operations in North America and is often used by the biggest names in video and wildlife photography to get realistic shots of animals in native habitat.   There, you'll shoot animals in fall colors, up close and in best light. 

All animals are photographed in natural settings (in the forest, on rocks and near ponds).  Eight animal sessions are included in the photo shoot.  They include the following:  Grizzly Bear, Wolves, Mountain Lion, Fox (three varieties), Bobcat and Lynx. We'll have run of the Triple D Game Ranch with no other photographers and with two big bonuses: 2 extra hours of shooting and two extra animals beyond what a regular visitor gets.


Compare the GNPA PRIVATE TRIP to the regular shoot at the Game Ranch. The regular shoot, on sale, only lets you shoot 6 animals and the large animals may not be available unless three people want to pay to shoot them. You'll also be shooing with 10 people you don't know which is crowded for some locations. And we've all run into those jerks on public shoots who believe they own the place. You won't experience that shooting with just 8 GNPA members on this private shoot.

Additional animals available at extra cost each. Refer to their website for more information:  http://www.tripledgamefarm.com

Typically all animal photos are done in the early morning light.  If weather doesn’t allow for an early morning shoot, late afternoon will be used to get the best light.  You can go on the entire trip for virtually the same as you'd pay for just the public price of admission to the Triple D Game Ranch , all thanks to the GNPA. And you'd still he shooting more people and possibly not the big animal of your choice.

The Bison Range is another opportunity for landscapes and additional wildlife.  Wildlife typically found at the Bison Range include bison, elk in rut, deer, antelope, bears, and smaller animals.

Your trip leaders and hosts will be Mary Jo Cox and Stewart Roach.  You won’t want to miss it, this trip will sell out quickly.