1. The GNPA will make a good faith attempt to follow through with each field trip, workshop or event (hereafter referred to as “Trip”) as planned and described on the GNPA website. However, there may be circumstances that arise beyond the control of the GNPA that affect its ability to complete the Trip as planned.

If the GNPA cancels a Trip prior to the start date for these or any other reason, the GNPA will refund all monies paid the GNPA.


A person who is unable to attend for any reason will be responsible for payments as described in the Trip announcement and Cancellation Policy for the Trip. Trip insurance is inexpensive and strongly encouraged.

3. Personal safety is of utmost importance. Nature photography includes inherent risks which all participants must evaluate for themselves as to the safety of any activity based on their personal abilities. Be constantly aware of your surroundings and any potential hazards which could result in injury to you or others. Do not place yourself in danger.

4. By registering, you are agreeing to the standard GNPA Warranty and Liability Release (view here)

GNPA Trip and Event Policy

The GNPA sponsors and promotes photography through field trips, workshops and events.

Please note that you must be a current member to go on some trips or to register for some events and workshops.

Trips are non-instructional and FREE for members of the GNPA. However, there may be entry fees, etc. from the location where we will be photographing.

All trip costs, including entry fees, transportation, food, and lodging (if needed) are the responsibility of the attendee.

Workshops or events may have fees associated with them. Please read the terms and conditions associated with each and note any additional fees, equipment etc., that you may be responsible for supplying.

 By registering for or participating in any event you agree to the following:


All events are for our members' photographic enjoyment and no warranty as to quality, fitness of purpose or other warranty is made other than that specifically stated in writing in respect to any trip, event or workshop.


As a condition of participation with the Georgia Nature Photographers Association ["GNPA"], I agree to release from liability and to hold harmless the GNPA and its officers, agents, employees or assigns for any injury,including illness, accident, emergency and death, and for damage to or loss of personal property, including equipment, film, and memory cards, while participating in any activities affiliated with the GNPA.