2016 11 Red OakNow it’s your time to shine. Join us for a photo slide show of our own Decatur Chapter GNPA members’ photos.  Submit up to three of your photos that depict the coming season of Fall.

Send your digital photos to no later than October 9. 

At the meeting, as we view your photos, please be ready to tell us a little about each of your submissions:

  • Where you took the shot;
  • What camera settings you used;
  • What special challenges the photo presented and how you solved them.

At the close of the meeting, first, second and third place members’ choice awards will be presented.

2018 09 Decatur night sky marvin priceMarvin’s photography habit started out with an interest in travel & nature photography. But to feed his hobby he began photographing wedding which he has done for over 20 years.  He later became certified as an underwater photographer and studied professional nature photography with David Middleton through the Rocky Mountain School of Photography.

More recently, he has found that photographing nature & its wildlife, along with the underwater photography, has become a real grounding force for him. He continues to mentor others though workshops and seminars so that they may also have success with their photographic achievements.
2018 07 marvin priceHis work is on display at several locations around Atlanta including Thompson Gallery in East Cobb, Atlanta Scuba, State Board of Workers Compensation, Harmony Restaurant, and the Candler Building downtown.