2019 01 Eric Bowles BWThe Smyrna Chapter of the GNPA is excited to have Eric Bowles present “Black and White Nature Photography – Landscape and More” and judge January’s Photo Print Competition. The meeting will begin at 7:00 pm at the Smyrna Community Center. You are also invited to join Eric at Porch Light Latin Restaurant at 5:30pm for a bite to eat and great conversation before the meeting.

We know the classic images of Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, and the modern classics of John Sexton and Vincent Versace. Their black and white images are still striking for their use of light and composition. Early photographers did not have the option of color, digital processing, and the other capabilities we use for image making. How can we build on classic ideas for B&W images using today’s tools?

What is the difference between a black and white image vs. a color image. What gear do you need? How do you learn to “see” in monochrome tones? What camera settings help to optimize your images? What post processing tips can enhance monochrome images? There is a lot more to B&W than reducing saturation or removing the color. 

We’ll take a look at all these things and more to help you make great B&W nature photographs with today’s digital equipment.

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2018 10 SYMRNA 1How we choose to infuse creativity into our photography is personal. Our Photography is the even pick up our camera. Armed with these decisions firmly in mind, we are going to be able to make subtle adjustments AS WE ARE SHOOTING IN THE MOMENT. It is this intention that makes ALL the difference, and lets us see with a full awareness, resulting in creative images that we are most proud to call our own.” - Robin Davis

Savannah born, Robin grew up spending her summers on Jekyll Island and the Georgia Coast. She is a University of Georgia graduate, and studied Art History on the UGA Studies Abroad Program in Crotona, Italy, which deeply influenced her to develop her own approach to the medium of photography.

Robin began teaching the Crotona Center of Photography Workshops (https://www.cortonacenter.com) in 1998 and now leads her students on creative workshops in the US, Southern France and the Tuscany region of Italy

2018 10 SYMRNA 2An artist and photographer, Robin has researched and worked extensively with a variety of unique photographic techniques, blending tradition with experimentation to achieve painterly and illustrative images.

 Her fine art photography has been featured for Liz Claiborne, Penguin Putnam Publishing, The Coca-Cola Company, The High Museum of Art, Michael C. Carlos Museum/Emory University, The Piedmont Park Conservancy, The Goethe-Institute, Visiting Nurse Health Systems, The Atlanta Shakespeare Company, Bellagio Las Vegas, Bloomingdales, St. Martin's Press, Buckhead Pizza Company, St. Regis Hotels, The Omni William Penn Hotel and many private and international collections.

To see her work and learn more about Robin, visit http://www.robindavis.com.2018 10 SYMRNA 1