2018 11 Long Exposure Ray SilvaThis meeting is Free and open to the public. We hope to see you there!

Come out to see a presentation by Ray Silva and learn how to do Long Exposure Nature Photography!

Ray has been an active member of the GNPA for over three years and has done some phenomenal long exposure photography in both color and black and white. His work is currently being displayed in galleries and on his website.

From Ray's Bio:

"I picked up a camera and “took a picture” and was immediately amazed. After a year of being the high school newspaper and yearbook photographer, I became hooked.

For me, photography has been a lifelong passion. Many artists study in formal classroom settings while others claimed to be self-taught. I cannot claim to be from either camp, but a combination of some formal training, workshops, seminars, reading and studying works of many published and exhibited artists along with trial and error.

My hobby grew while living in the Chicago area with primarily film cameras. By the time I moved to SE Georgia, I was completely converted to digital.

Over the years through my experience I have won awards and exhibited in several galleries and art shows. I currently have an “on-line” gallery on Fine Art America.com.

The best thing is that I still find enjoyment in photography after all these years.

My subject matter is primarily nature: traditional landscapes, wildlife or flowers. Capturing the light is everything. Being in the moment, challenges me to expose for the reflections of light off the subject in a way the composition is an expression of a moment in time."