The Road To Callaway event was a great success but, it would not have been possible without the support from each of you.  I would like to express my appreciation to all who participated. It is estimated that over 1000 entries were judged at the chapter levels and the top three selections from each chapter in Wildlife, Landscape, Macro and Nature As Art are now on display at the Discovery Center at Callaway Gardens.
I would also like to thank our jurors for this event, who had the very difficult task of selecting the top three in their respective categories and the Best In Show. Our jurors were:
David Foster – Macro/Close Up
Kenny Gray – Nature As Art
Jeff Milsteen – Landscape
Eric Bowles – Wildlife
The Winners are as follows:
Best In Show
Steve White, Look At Yourself – Northeast Atlanta Chapter
1st Place:  Richard Green, Short Nose Vine Snake – Northeast Atlanta Chapter
2nd Place: Don Saunders, Black Bear Cub – Northwest Atlanta Chapter
3rd Place: Bill Berryman, The Offering – West Central Chapter
1st Place: Jimmy Day, Dead Horse Point – Central Chapter
2nd Place: Lori Prosser, Lavender Evening – Northeast Atlanta Chapter
3rd Place: Steve Powell, The Tree At Yellowstone In Hayden Valley – Northwest Atlanta Chapter
Macro/Close Up
1st Place: Janet Newton, Red Envelope – Northwest Atlanta Chapter
2nd Place: Stephen Weiss, Dew Wings – Northeast Atlanta Chapter
3rd Place: Lori Prosser, You Look Familiar – Northeast Atlanta Chapter
Nature As Art
1st Place: Diane Powell, Death Valley Artist Palette – Northwest Atlanta Chapter
2nd Place: Cassandra Souza, Flint River Shoals – Central Chapter
3rd Place: Steven Powell, Death Valley Mud Pan – Northwest Atlanta Chapter
Billy Watson
West Central Chapter