April 18, 2017, at Central Chapter in Griffin, GA will conduct a “Show and Tell” session.  The meeting will begin at 6:30 PM at the Women’s Center, Spalding Regional Hospital. Members as well as interested potential members are invited.

We are all looking for new places to photograph, and new ideas for photographing subjects we can find locally.  This session is designed to share information that can help us all get re-energized and focused on our nature photography.  Some of the most amazing photographs are taken in a backyard, or local area.  We need to share this information with others, and all gain from each other.

Members and non-members are asked to bring a flash drive with no more than 10 photographs of places or subjects they photographed during the past 2 years.  Photos should be in JPEG format and high resolution.  Art will begin the meeting with announcements, and then he and Mary will share some of their photographs and explain where they were taken, conditions, and why they have any special meaning for them.  After that, other members will share their photographs and do the same. 

This will be very informal, and no one will be required to stand in front of the group if you don’t want to.  Just tell us about your photographs as Art displays them through his computer and the projectors onto the two screens.  Remember, we only have VGA projectors, so the quality you are used to seeing on your monitor at home will not be the same.

For more information about Georgia Nature Photographers Association, please check out their web site, www.gnpa.org and click on the "central chapter".