2017 03 jim henderson 2March 21, 2017, at Central Chapter in Griffin, GA, Jim Henderson will talk about Depth of Field and Hyper Focal Distance in photography.  The meeting will be begin at 6:30 PM at the Women’s Center, Spalding Regional Hospital. Members as well as interested potential members are invited.

How many times have we all photographed a magnificent scene, only to view our photographs later and be a little disappointed in their ability to capture what we saw?  Some parts were not in focus, or the subject we wanted to really stand out cannot be distinguished from the rest of the photo.  One of the secrets to solving these problems is mastering Depth of Field using Hyper Focal Distance.

Jim Henderson is an accomplished serious amateur photographer from LaGrange, GA.  He conducts classes and workshops that are unique in that he not only teaches photography; he inspires his students to reach new heights! It is his passion for photography and his strong desire to help others discover their "inner photographer" that distinguishes him from the others.

Jim will explain what depth of field (DOF) is, how to calculate it, and how to use it to ensure your photographs have the desired effect you want.  He will explain how to use DOF to ensure your landscape photos are tack sharp from the foreground elements to the distant horizon. 

He will also explain how to use DOF to ensure your subject is in focus and the rest of the photo is softly blurred, thus calling attention to the subject.   Always up on the latest software and applications for photographers, Jim will share some of his favorites that allow him to capture stunning photographs in any environment.

He will show examples from some of the many field trips and workshops he conducts, and talk about some of his upcoming classes and field trips.

For more information about Georgia Nature Photographers Association, please check out their web site, www.gnpa.org and click on the "central chapter".