2014 04 Liz Esarove NautilusApril 17, 2018, at the GNPA Griffin Chapter in Griffin, GA Liz Esarove will talk about macro photography. The meeting will begin at 6:30 PM at the Women’s Center, Spalding Regional Hospital. This meeting is free and open to the public!

Macro photography is the art of capturing close-up photos of subjects and making them appear larger than life size. Everywhere around us are details and patterns that are fascinating when you look close enough. During this meeting you will learn:

  • What equipment you need to get started
  • How macro photography is different from other forms of photography
  • Tips for shooting macro photos with and without a tripod

Liz juggles the worlds of photography and data algorithms. Finding in both, focal points of precision and the uncovering of patterns that often remain unseen.As a child, attending her mother’s art shows led to her appreciating a wide variety of art. Drawn to photography, she honed her “bred in the bone” DNA. College took her on a different path however, one that emphasized mathematics rather than photography. The camera was, for a time, put back in its case.

Her interest was renewed in 2007 when a digital point and shoot camera combined with a trip to Europe; the love of photography was back. Now was the time to reclaim the past and refine her skills.

Applying her quantitative, scientific side, Liz set out to master the craft and technique of photography.  She did this through employing books, weekend workshops and purposeful practice. Her goal was in aligning technical mastery with her artistic vision.

Although Liz’s photography encompasses a variety of subject matter, her favorite has always been macro. It unlocks mystery, documenting the unseen and revealing the beauty of the world.

For more information about Georgia Nature Photographers Association, please check out their web site, www.gnpa.org and click on the "central chapter".