May 12, 2018 - Photography Competition to Celebrate Migratory Bird Day at Fernbank Science Center

2018 05 Migratory Birds Fest and Contest webClick to Download PDFA Joint Photo Contest between Fernbank Science Center and the Georgia Nature Photographers Association

The Event: May 12th, 2018

World Migratory Bird Day: World Migratory Bird Day is a two-day annual international event held on the second weekend of May to highlight the need to protect migratory birds and their habitats. People around the world celebrate World Migratory Bird Day by organizing public events such as bird festivals, education programs and bird-watching excursions.

Competition Schedule

  • March 31, 2018: Final entries submitted electronically.
  • Aril 7, 2018: Notice sent to photographers accepted for Gallery
  • May 1, 2018: Framed photographs delivered to Fernbank Science Center for hanging
  • May 12, 2018: Opening of Migratory Bird Day and winners notified of awards.
  • August 4, 2018: Pickup Framed Prints from Fernbank Science Center.

The Competition Rules

Photographs must be of migratory birds that occur in the southeast included in one of these flyways:

  • Eastern (Atlantic) Flyway:
  • Mississippi Flyway:
  • The southeast is defined as the following states:  Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.
  • Any migrating bird species that has any of its breeding or non-breeding range in any of the above states would qualify. A bird would also qualify if its migratory path crosses any of the above-mentioned states.
  • Birds that do not migrate and live year around in the same area are not eligible.
  • The online bird guide by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology (   has range maps that show breeding and non-breeding territories.

FSC logo webPhotograph Entry Rules

Photos must represent species that are included in one of the Migratory Bird Routes listed above. Photo can be bird-in-flight, at a feeder, in a natural setting, macro, or any other photograph where the dominant feature is the migratory bird.   

Eligibility and General Rules: 

  • Entries will be in two entry categories: Adult and Student. Adults will enter as either a GNPA Member or Non-Member.  Student is defined as anyone up to age 21 who is a current enrolled student and can provide student ID at time of submittal of framed print.
  • Entries must be submitted electronically by 11:59 PM on March 24th, 2018.
  • Images must be entirely the work of the photographer.
  • There are no limits on when or where they were captured.
  • You may enter up to 5 images
  • Watermarks and/or photographer’s logos or identification are not permitted on photographs. Your image MUST NOT have a signature, logo, watermark, or copyright statement showing.
  • Post processing is not restricted in any way; however, images should look natural.  Caution, over processing can have an adverse impact on the evaluation of your image.

Entry Process: 

Image specifications:

Entries must be in JPG format with a maximum of 1200 pixels on the longest side.  Individual files CANNOT exceed 1 MB in size.  Name each of your electronic files individually. IMPORTANT: The FILE NAME MUST NOT use any special characters other than & or –

The file name must be constructed exactly as follows or your entry may be rejected:

  • The Date of the Competition (use the following: 2018-05)
  • a “Dash” i.e. -
  • Photographer name (separate words with an underscore _ character)
  • a “Dash” i.e. -
  • Category: Member, Non-Member, or Student
  • a “Dash” i.e. -
  • Title of Your Photograph (separate words with an underscore _ character)

Include your email address and phone number with your submission.

File name examples:

  • 2018-05-Bill_Brown-NonMember-Bluebird_in_Flight.jpg
  • 2018-05-Charlie_Brown-Member-Hummingbird_in_Flight.jpg
  • 2018-05-Carla_Brown-Student-Sandhill_Crane_in_Flight.jpg



  • Judging will be conducted by Eric Bowles, professional photographer, photographic workshop instructor, NANPA Board member and former GNPA board member.  
  • Entries not complying with the rule pertaining to photographs of migratory birds as noted above will be eliminated. Accepted entries will be judged on visual impact, exposure, focus, color and tone, contrast, and lighting. Entries will also be judged on artistic and general characteristics including originality, insight, context, composition and style.
  • The decisions of the judge(s) are final.
  • There will be 30 images selected from the Adult entries for the gallery and 10 images from the Student entries for the gallery.

Framed Print Delivery and Pickup:

Adult photographers whose prints have been selected for the Gallery will pay a fee of $10 for every print accepted.  This fee will be collected at the time of delivery of the print on May 1st.  Cash or Check only please. 

Student photographers selected for the Gallery will not pay a fee for their acceptance in the Gallery.


1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Honorable Mention in each category (Adults and Students)

Also, Best in Show and People’s Choice for each Category. 

Awards will include ribbons and cash prizes of $125 for 1st, $75 for 2nd, and $50 for 3rd.  Additional prizes will be awarded for Best in Show and People’s Choice.

Framing Requirements:

Frames:   must be no larger than 20”x24” to accommodate a 16”X 20” photograph and no smaller than 12”X14” to accommodate an 8”X 10” photograph.  Frames must be black solid wood (or wood composite) with a minimum width of 1.5 inches and a maximum width of 2.5 inches. Frames must be flat - no texture, curves, or ridges are permitted.

Mattes: Single plain white core mattes are required. Textured mattes and designs are not permitted. The matte opening may be centered with a minimum of 2 inches on each side of the photograph Print Size.  Although the required dimensions for frames, mattes and photographs for this exhibit are noted, we will work with photographers to review exceptions if needed for panoramas or other non-traditional formats.   Framed images must use acrylic or similar material for cover.  No glass in frames will be allowed.

Hanging- All prints must be delivered on May 1st in ready-to-hang condition using wire and eyelets. The top of the wire must be at least 2 inches below the top of the frame so that it does not show. All images will be hung using 2 hooks; please be sure you provide sufficient wire for hanging.  Include with your frame a card with your name, email, and phone number and sale price for sale.  Photographer will get full fee if framed image is sold, however sold prints should remain in the Gallery until end of show, August 4th, 2018.


The copyright of submitted images remains with the photographer.  By submitting your entry, the photographer agrees to allow GNPA and Fernbank Science Center to publish the images on websites, social media and printed materials, and to use the image in promotions for this and future contests without compensation. All images used will have appropriate attribution to the photographer.


All due care will be taken in the handling of accepted works, but neither the GNPA nor Fernbank Science Center is responsible for loss or damage


An image may be disqualified by a judge based on failure to meet the competition rules as previously described.  Such a disqualification is not open to appeal and if deemed flagrant may disqualify all entries by the same photographer. 

If you have questions concerning the rules, emailing of the images or the sizing, please contact