2018 GNPA Board - Election & Slate of Candidates Information

The 2018 GNPA Election of Officers

The 2018 Board Election will take place March 19-28, 2018

  • All Current Members will cast their votes online between
    MONDAY, MARCH 19 and WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28, 2018
  • Write-in Nominations will be accepted for a limited time period from

Anyone who wishes to be a write-in candidate, for any open Board position, should send an email to the Nominating Committee at .  The email should indicate the position for which the member is volunteering as a candidate.  The email must also contain a head shot photo in jpg format plus a brief biography for use in the ballot.

The Nominating Committee has assembled a full slate of well-qualified candidates.  GNPA members will cast their votes for all four GNPA Officer Positions (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) plus three open At-Large positions.

The Slate of Nominees with bios and photos will be posted at GNPA.org two weeks prior to the election.

Nominating Committee:  Gracelyn Franco, Eric Bowles, Alfie Wace, and Joyce Glover, Chairman.


GNPA members will cast their votes for all open positions.

Officers and Board Position Term Nominee(s)
President - Tom Simpson One year. Limit of two consecutive terms Tom Simpson
Vice President - Alfie Wace One year. Limit of two consecutive terms Eric Bowles
Secretary - Chris Roughgarden One year; unlimited Chris Roughgarden
Treasurer - Joyce Glover One year; unlimited Joyce Glover
Past President - Horace Hamilton One year. Limit of two consecutive terms Not applicable
Web Manager - Chris Dekle Appointed by President Not applicable
At-Large - Jill Brady Two years; unlimited; one year left (2018) Not applicable
At-Large - Rinku Rajan Two years; unlimited; one year left (2018) Not applicable
At-Large - Ed Zawacki
At-Large - Gracelyn Franco
At-Large - Tom Walborn
Terms expiring; two year term;
unlimited; new term 2018-2020
Nominees for 3 positions
Tony Madden,
Mary Jo Cox,
Jimmy Day,
Alfie Wace


Biographies of Nominees & Incumbents
Nominee Tom Simpson
Position President
Photo  2017 01 Tom Simpson

Tom is a retired biologist with a career in academics and environmental consulting.  His photographic interests cover a wide range but are primarily around nature including landscapes, wildlife, and macro with a particular focus on birds in flight and video, including time lapse photography.  As a member of GNPA, Tom has served on the GNPA Board as an At-Large member and currently as a non-voting representative of the North Central Chapter as Coordinator. 

Tom has led the GNPA Team on some of the annual NG3C Shootouts and was the organizer for the GNPA led Shootout at Emory at Oxford when the team captured 1st place in this inter-club competition.  He has also led a number of GNPA local field trips as well as the annual trip to the Circle B Bar Preserve and other locations in Florida for several years. He also has helped in the planning and been a field trip leader for the annual GNPA Smokies trip and also been part of the planning teams for the GNPA Expo for several years.  His photography has been recognized in juried competitions including those for the Carolina Nature Photography Association and the GNPA.   He also has photos published in the book on the Natural Communities of Georgia and the Journal of the National Wildlife Federation and has a collection of prints on permanent display at a local restaurant.   Most recently Tom has initiated the process for starting a new GNPA chapter in Alpharetta.

Nominee Eric Bowles
Position Vice President
Photo  Eric Bowles web

1) Give us a brief overview of your job, photographic, educational, volunteer, organizational board/committee skills, etc.

I’m currently working as a full time professional photographer and educator.  I teach workshops and provide photo tours for my own company, as Director of Nikonians Academy, and in partnership with other organizations such as Atlanta Audubon and Chattahoochee Nature Center.  Prior to my career in photography, I worked for a global non-profit in a senior leadership capacity running Membership, Marketing and Global Research.  My corporate experience includes senior roles in HR, Strategic Planning, and Finance over a 20+ year career with a Fortune 100 company.

2) How long have you been an active member of GNPA?

I joined GNPA around 2009 – just after the one chapter moved from CNC to Marietta.  I joined the Board about six months later.

3) Have you served as a GNPA volunteer or worked on a committee?  If so, please describe. 

I joined the GNPA Board in 2010.  My roles included heading Membership and leading a number of Meetups.  For the past five years I have led the GNPA gallery at Chattahoochee Nature Center including judging competitions, hanging the gallery, and leading meetups and events.

4) What particular expertise and/or qualities would you bring to the GNPA Board?

I’ve got experience in three areas that is particularly relevant to GNPA.  I’m a professional photographer and have spoken at a meeting of every GNPA chapter within the past year.  That provides a perspective on the differences in the chapters and familiarity with the members that make up those chapters.  I’ve got a non-profit background in leadership roles with responsibility for Membership, Communications and Marketing.  I’m on the Board of NANPA – the North American Nature Photography Association – and received their Outstanding Service Award for leading their strategic planning process as well as the Communications and Marketing committee.  I have senior level large corporate experience with a Fortune 100 company in strategic planning, HR, and finance roles. 

5) How do you envision GNPA's role in the future of nature photography?  How would you further that role?

While there are lots of people in Georgia that photograph and are interested in nature, there is only one nature photography organization.  GNPA is the leader in support of nature photography, photography education, and support for conservation and the environment.  With our diverse membership, we have photographers that visit many great locations.  That gives us the ability to have meetups, field trips, and workshops in order to share with others and promote nature photography.

6) Why do you want to serve on the GNPA Board of Directors?  If elected, what would you personally like to accomplish during your term on the GNPA Board?

My broad goals are pretty simple – Grow membership, maintain financial stability, support conservation and respect for the environment, and help promote and support both the profession and the love of nature photography.  Collectively, these areas increase the value of membership.

During my term on the Board, I’d like to help improve the collaboration between chapters and chapter committees in order to leverage common solutions and shared expertise.  I’d also like to see the continued growth in chapters.  We continue to need to explore alliances that provide more member benefits and discounts.  All activities probably should be brought under the umbrella of a strategic plan to guide our direction in the future.  That plan should have input from the membership both at inception and to measure our progress.

Nominee Chris Roughgarden
Position Secretary
Photo  2017 01 Chris Roughgarden
Bio Chris has been a member of Georgia Nature Photographers Association for the past 7 years. She has served as Secretary on the GNPA Board of Directors for the past two years. She has participated in five NG3C Shootouts being a GNPA team leader each time. Chris has enjoyed participating in several GNPA workshops and Expos. She has been excited to see the growth of the club over the years and is looking forward to helping it continue to grow. Professionally, Chris works for the Atlanta Braves as a staff photographer for their AAA team, the Gwinnett Braves. She is also a freelance photographer for the Gwinnett Daily Post, assists/second shoots for a wedding photographer and covers events for several local photographers. Chris enjoys hiking and photographing nature with the Smokey Mountains and Stone Mountain being two of her favorite places.
Nominee Joyce Glover
Position Treasurer
Photo  2017 01 Joyce Glover

Joyce Glover is most recently semi-retired after seventeen years as assistant controller/corporate accountant with Professional Filing Systems; a multi-million dollar corporation with twenty-three subsidiaries in nine states.  She has prepared bank reconciliations, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, account reconciliations and audits for multiple companies.  She co-managed the annual consolidated corporate audit as well as the ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) audits and continues to act as administrator of the ESOP.  In addition, she is/has been responsible for all annual workers compensation insurance, general liability, and 401K audits; as well as all compliance requirements with local, county, state and federal entities--this is the semi-retirement part!  Joyce graduated from Georgia State University in 1993 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and is a member of Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Fraternity.  In addition to these qualifications, Joyce has served many organizations as treasurer, ways and means (how’s that for an old term) and publication chairs.  She considers her attention to details and organizational skills as her greatest assets, and would welcome the opportunity to serve GNPA as its treasurer.

Joyce has been part of the GNPA growth over the last few years, and sees the “landscape” of this organization as high quality.  She believes in the continued growth of GNPA through the technical education of members using professional speakers and workshops.  Joyce would appreciate seeing more critiques using digital images like the presentation during the Smokey Mountain weekend last fall.  “Friendly” feedback encourages the membership to become better photographers and put their work “out there,” which in turn promotes a GNPA goal; bringing awareness to nature photography in Georgia.

Nominee Jimmy Day
Position At Large
Photo  Jimmy Day web

Jimmy Day is a practicing cardiologist in Griffin and has been an avid amateur nature photographer for over 10 years and an active member of GNPA since 2009. He has served as vice president of the Griffin chapter (previously called the Middle Georgia chapter) as well as a member of the local program committee for many years. As a dedicated nature photographer, he has been a speaker at the Griffin club as well as other photography and civic clubs.  He has also been ben a regular contributor to Nature Photographer magazine.

If elected Dr. Day promises to work hard to promote nature photography throughout the state.

Nominee Mary Jo Cox
Position At Large
Photo  Mary Jo Cox web

Mary Jo Cox is an accomplished photographer who resides in Big Canoe, Georgia. She specializes in the wonders of wildlife and nature. The creative process occurs within the heart and eye first, then within the lens. She has traveled worldwide to capture the wonders of Mother Nature and our natural surroundings.   

Mary Jo has been a member of GNPA for 5 years.  She has taken an active role within GNPA as a trip leader, a panelist during Chapter meetings and attends many of the events scheduled within GNPA.  She is also a member of the Big Canoe Photography Club where she is a trip leader in addition to, a speaker and educator within the Club. 

Nature and wildlife are her passions, and through photography, she loves to share it with the world. 

In addition to photographing wildlife and nature, Mary Jo uses her photography skills to help homeless animals find loving homes. She volunteers her talents weekly photographing dogs and cats for shelters and rescue groups in Georgia.

Prior to taking on the love of photography, Mary Jo graduated with a B.S. Industrial Engineering and a MBA in addition to raising two sons.  She took on many Volunteer roles and Board positions while staying at home to raise her family.

Going forward, Mary Jo hopes to be a part of the GNPA Board to facilitate the growth of GNPA by educating and promoting photography to current and new members.  Photos tell a story. By being out in nature, the world will see our natural surroundings through our pictures.  By promoting GNPA and growing the membership, we will be able to use our photos to educate people on the beauty of Mother Nature.

Nominee Tony Madden
Position  At Large
Photo Tony Madden web

Tony is originally from Newnan, GA, and has been with Fernbank Science Center since 1993 as an exhibit designer.  Before coming to Fernbank, he worked in the exhibit, tradeshow and movie industries.  His work includes exhibits at Harper’s Ferry National Historic Park and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center.  He also worked on movie sets for “Fried Green Tomatoes” and “Pet Semetary II”, as well as stage sets for Atlanta’s Center Stage Theater and television commercials.

After joining Fernbank Science Center, he produced exhibits and art for Fernbank Science Center and Fernbank Museum of Natural History.   Some of these exhibits include “Ted Turner’s Bar None Ranch” in Montana, “Smokey Bear 50th Anniversary”, “Kokoro Dinosaurs”,  “Destination Dinosaurs”, Southern Company’s “Plant Vogel Prehistoric Whale (Georgiacetus vogel)”, Southeastern Flower Show,  SpaceStation Fernbank Aeronautics Education Laboratory (in conjunction with NASA), designed and curated Andrew Young’s “Rwanda Rising” Photographic Exhibit for FSC and GPTV/PBS, designed a flag for the 40th Anniversary of FSC which was taken to the International Space Station by Astronaut Eric Boe., and curates Nikon’s “Small World” traveling exhibits. He also curated the photographic exhibit “Birds of North America”  for GNPA’s own Emory McGinty.

Tony has created art for planetarium programs, posters, children’s art exhibits and created outdoor exhibits at the science center.  His illustrations and photographs have appeared in a variety of publications including; The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Southern Living Magazine, Emory University Alumni Magazine, Georgia Magazine, student textbooks, children’s science books, and Georgia Wildlife Federation.

Tony has served on the Fernbank Magazine committee, as well as designing and contributing to the magazine, served on a local HOA board, presenter at GAMG and SEMC conferences, speaks to student groups visiting FSC, and works with the Lockheed Martin aviation camps.

He belongs to Southeastern Museums Conference (SEMC), Georgia Association of Museums and Galleries (GAMG), Georgia Mineral Society (GMS) and Georgia Nature Photography Association (GNPA) and Southeastern Photographic Society (SPS) .   He has been a member of GNPA since 2014, developed and curated the “Native Animals of the Southeast” Photographic exhibition at FSC in partnership with GNPA, is currently the FSC liaison with the Decatur chapter of GNPA, and is working with GNPA on a photographic exhibit sponsored by the Decatur Chapter of GNPA.  Tony has been recognized and received many awards for his work.

Tony’s major at the University of Georgia was Graphic Design. His hobbies and interests include hiking, sports, rock hounding, cars, painting, illustration, carpentry and of course photography.

Tony’s extensive work and training in art, graphic design, exhibits, and photography make him an ideal candidate to work with GNPA.  He has been interested in and taking photographs since he was a child.  He would like to bring in young photographers and work with education and broadening the membership base of the organization. 

He is married to Carolyn and lives in Grayson, GA.

Nominee Alfie Wace
Position At Large
Photo  2017 01 Alfie Wace

Ms. Wace is a founder and former Coordinator of the Coastal GA Chapter. published and award-winning photographer, She completed her formal education at Southeastern Center for the Arts in Atlanta, GA under the direction of Neil Chaput de Saintonge. During that time, she had the opportunity to study with some of this era’s finest photographers including Cole Weston, Bruce Barnbaum and Alison Shaw.

After graduation, Ms. Wace served her internship with one of Atlanta’s foremost commercial photographers, Kevin Ames of Ames Photographic Illustration, and continued on with Kevin as his Sales Representative. In her journey through photographic styles of glamour, public relations and product photography, Ms. Wace says she had to face the reality that being outdoors and photographing nature is where her heart truly lies.

In her own words, Ms. Wace says: “Sometimes I shoot for content, sometimes for color. Mostly, I shoot for what I see as the simple astounding beauty of Mother Nature. I try to use as few tools–filters and digital enhancements–as possible while pushing my camera and lenses to their maximum potential. Nature doesn’t need any help from me.”

“Oftentimes as I am traveling I wish there was someone with me to see the magic. With childlike wonder I will catch myself pointing to a scene and saying out loud ‘Look at THAT’. And while I do love the freedom of shooting alone, at the end of the day, I want to share those images with everyone. Thanks to the internet, I can now do just that.”

Ms. Wace’s first book, ‘Twenty-Four Exposures' is a collection of her favorite photographs from her vast travels around the country. Included along with the images are quotes from notable personalities about the beauty of the world and the importance of caring for the environment.

Ms. Wace is the founder and current Coordinator of the Coastal Chapter of GNPA and Chair for the 2016 GNPA Expo, a member of NANPA, Tybee Arts Association, Savannah Art Association, The Landings Art Association and CleanCoast.org. She recently moved to Tybee Island where she is enjoying the fabulous island and all that coastal living has to offer!

Ms. Wace’s work can be seen and purchased at Tybee Cottage Art Gallery, 1207 US Highway 80, Tybee Island, GA, at seasonal Tybee Arts Association shows and on her website: www.alfieandcompany.com