July 23, 2017 GNPA Board Minutes

Georgia Nature Photographers Association

Board Meeting Minutes

July 23, 2017 1:00

Alpharetta City Hall, Alpharetta, GA

Board Members:

Present: Tom Simpson, Horace Hamilton, Ed Zawacki, Chris Dekle, Joyce Glover, Billy Watson, Tom Walborn and Chris Roughgarden.

Absent: Alfie Wace, Frances Hauke and Gracelyn Franco

Quorum present: Yes

Others Present:

Chapter Representatives: Michael Anderson and Billy Watson

Other attendees: Tom Wilson – invited to discuss the Conservation Committee activities.


Meeting called to order by President Tom Simpson at 1:15.

Secretary Report

  • Minutes were distributed.
  • To save paper, on a going forward basis the minutes and attachments will be scanned into a PDF file and emailed to board members before the next meeting for review.
  • MOTION: Tom Walborn made a motion to accept minutes, Horace Hamilton seconded, approved.

    Financial Report

  • Joyce reported financially the club is doing fine. The next payment due is the Glacier trip for $11,360.00.
  • She reported the 2017 Expo had a loss of $886.77.
  • Chapter bank balances are included in the financial report.
  • Billy suggested all bank accounts be held at Wells Fargo with Joyce receiving statements. Joyce mentioned that she would not be able to reconcile the statements as she would not have all the receipts.
  • There was a discussion of chapters needing check approval for all expenses. Horace suggested tabling discussion of check approval and payment of speakers.
  • Joyce will head committee to discuss consolidated checking accounts. Horace Hamilton, Billy Watson and Tom Wilson agreed to be on the committee with Joyce.
  • MOTION: to accept financial report was made by Chris Dekle, seconded by                  Ed Zawacki, approved.

    Old Business

    Pending Actions

  • Tom Simpson filed the copyright for the GNPA logo.
  • Tom Simpson suggested chapters do more workshops and competitions. Emphasize doing more things than just speakers. Tom would like to make a list of things chapters have done besides speakers. Tom Wilson suggested making a questionnaire of chapter needs assessment. Billy mentioned when they started the Pine Mountain chapter the club handed out questionnaires to assess needs of members. New members are given the questionnaire when they join. Billy will send questionnaire to the Board for reference. Michael Anderson mentioned changes in technology within the next year as possible instructional topics at meetings. Tom Simpson mentioned using the website for this information
  • Tom Simpson reported that Stewart Woodard has set up the Communications Committee.
  • Tom Simpson handed out Meetup Pro help sheets. Tom reported that all chapter Meetups are now listed on Meetup Pro. GNPA’s Meetup Pro shows everything going on with all chapters if the information has been posted to that chapter’s Meetup site. Meetup Pro shows all Meetup members, what events they RSVP to and how many events they have RSVPed to. It was reiterated that individuals do not have to be a GNPA member to be a member of GNPA’s Meetups but must be a GNPA member to sign up for events on the website. It was stated that individuals must join each chapter Meetup to receive information from each chapter. Michael Anderson suggested sending an email to Meetup members encouraging them to join GNPA.
  • Tom Wilson agreed to chair the Conservation Committee.
  • Tabled Topics

  • Officer Responsibilities – List of responsibilities tabled. Michael Anderson suggested website list committees and committee members.
  • Update/Amend By-Laws – tabled.
  • Chapter Guidelines – Horace mentioned that new Financial Committee may necessitate changes to the By-Laws. Michael pointed out conflict of wording of appointing/nominating Chapter Coordinators between the By-Laws and the Chapter Guidelines.
  • Field trip leader cost offset – tabled
  • Ed Zawacki withdrew his motion for providing name badges to members after 3 years of membership, so moved.
  • Discussion of patches with wrong color logo - tabled
  • New Business

    Shootout 2017

  • Tom Simpson asked for a volunteer to head up the Shootout. He will reach out to chapters for a volunteer.
  • Operation Committee Decisions

  • $800 for hats
  • $273 for Web
  • Funding support:
  • Lawrenceville - $2390 Cornerstone Rental, $45 Eclipse glasses
  • Pine Mountain - $1325, rental and speakers
  • Web Design - $800
  • Committee Reports

  • Conservation Committee –
  • Tom Wilson reported he has a planning committee in the works. Tom has presented at several chapter meetings and asked at each meeting for those interested in being on the committee to contact him. He reported that he had good response. During their first meeting he plans on developing and setting educational and external goals.
  • Billy suggested goals of public awareness, conservation and remediation.
  • Billy mentioned area colleges have conservation departments, might be a source of information.
  • Tom Walborn suggested once vision and mission statements and goals are formed that they be put on the website for members to see.
  • Tom Simpson mentioned large corporations are big into conservation and may be a source of partnership.
  • Tom Wilson needed to leave 2:25

    Other Business

    2018 Expo

  • Ed Zawacki heads the committee consisting of Horace Hamilton, Tom Simpson, Alfie Wace, Joyce Glover, Stewart Roach, Leslie Fields-Merrill, Stewart Woodard, Frances Hauke and Chris Dekle.
  • Expo 2018 is scheduled for April 12th-15th.
  • Ed Zawacki reported November 1st-9th listing on the GNPA website for testing and open for registration on the 10th.
  • Villas by the Sea has set aside 49 rooms for GNPA reservations. Members must state they are with GNPA when they reserve a room.
  • Ed reported the Keynote Speakers will be Charles Glatzer, Ralph Lee Hopkins and Ron Magill.
  • Two photo contests are planned:
  • 1st – Photographs submitted before the Expo taken anywhere.
  • 2nd – Post Expo competition, only photos taken at Expo.
  • Uber for Conference Calls

    MOTION: Tom Simpson made a motion to spend $120 for the upgrade, Tom Walborn seconded, motion passed.

  • Ed Zawacki mentioned need to use Chrome if sharing screens.
  • Decatur Chapter

  • Tom Simpson reported Decatur Chapter first meeting will be August 10th. Meeting at Fernbank. Ed Zawacki suggested if we charge for a presentation that we make a donation to Fernbank Science Center.
  • New Chapter Coordinators

  • Tom Simpson reported the need for new chapter coordinators and bookkeepers for Pine Mountain, Alpharetta and Decatur.
  • Committee Descriptions

  • Tom Simpson reported that he sent out committee descriptions for comment. He also reported the chapter coordinator conference call was a success.
  • Protocol for sponsors for web site

    MOTION: Chris Dekle made a motion for sponsorship fees and benefits to be at the discretion of the Board on a case by case basis, seconded by Billy Watson, passed.


    2019 Expo

  • Billy Watson suggested Columbus for 2019 Expo.
  • Billy mentioned conservation areas, Chattahoochee River Basin and wildlife refuges as just a few of the attractions to the area.
  • Billy suggested reducing the number of field trips at the Expo and increasing educational opportunities with more guest speakers and competitions with gallery access.
  • Tom Simpson suggested taking a field trip to Columbus before the next board meeting to scope out the site.
  • Ed Zawacki mentioned need to determine facility expenses to determine feasibility.
  • Tom Simpson suggested Horace Hamilton, Ed Zawacki, Joyce Glover and himself meet Billy in Columbus to canvas the area.
  • Facilitating Regional Chapters

  • Tom Simpson brought up the need for finding ways to help chapters outside the immediate Atlanta area grow.
  • Committee Reports, continued

  • Membership Committee –
  • Tom Walborn mentioned that chapters are listed on the website by their old names.
  • Tom distributed report (see attached handout).
  • Tom will draft an email to lapsed members encouraging rejoining. Also need to encourage members to update their profile and choose a chapter affiliation.
  • Tom Walborn will summarize a “wish list” for membership on the new website.
  • Tom Walborn requested that the website prompt new lifetime members to fill out badge form for their free badge.
  • Joyce requested that she receive a report of lifetime members signed up since first of the year.
  • Billy Watson needed to leave at 3:37.

  • Tom Walborn proposed having a member on the membership committee from each chapter.
  • Discussion of family membership, Tom Walborn will report back.
  • Website

  • Chris Dekle reported that the new website is coming together. Should be seeing new website for review in the next few weeks.
  • Future Events

  • Horace Hamilton reported on a Canada trip planned for next year. Full week trip led by Larry Winslet.
  • Mark Buckler is putting together a trip for next year. Also may be able to put together a fall trip.
  • It was mentioned that Fernbank Science Center is a great venue for speakers.
  • Ed Zawacki reported that the Smoky Mountains trip will be posted to the website soon. Speakers will be Jerry Whaley and Bill Lea.
  • Next meeting: 10/22/17 Alpharetta City Hall, Alpharetta

    Meeting adjourned, so moved by Horace Hamilton at 3:57

    Minutes submitted by Secretary, Chris Roughgarden

    July 23, 2017: Pending Actions

  • Committee to discuss consolidated checking and check approval requirements. - Joyce Glover
  • Send Needs Assessment Questionnaire to Board for club wide use. - Billy Watson
  • Reach out to chapters for a volunteer to head up the Shootout. - Tom Simpson
  • Contact Meetup Members and urge them to join GNPA. - Tom Simpson
  • Email lapsed members encouraging them to rejoin. - Tom Walborn
  • Email members encouraging them to update their profile and choose a chapter affiliation. - Tom Walborn
  • Tabled Topics for Future Meetings

    1. Develop list of board member responsibilities.
    2. Update By-Laws.
    3. Update Chapter Guidelines.
    4. Field Trip leader cost offset discussion.
    5. Patches with wrong color logo.
    6. Discussion of check approval and payment of speakers.