2014-02-08 Board of Directors Annual Planning Meeting

GNPA 2014 Annual Planning Meeting

February 8, 2014

All board members are present: Tom Vadnais, Tom Simpson, Starr Camp, Kathy Aspy, Chris Dekle, Todd Sparger, Steve Layman, Tom Walborn, Stewart Roach, Horace Hamilton, and David Foster.  Chapter officer present is Jimmy Day (V.P. of Central Chapter).  Retiring board members are Don Stewart (also present), Don Saunders, and Van Hill. 

Chapter Meeting times:

NE Atlanta Chapter meets 4th Wednesday

Central Chapter meets 3rd Tuesday

Coastal Chapter meets 1st Tuesday

NW Atlanta Chapter meets 3rd Thursday


Discussion Topics

1)  Discussion regarding splitting current GNPA organization from the current single board into a GNPA parent board and a NW Atlanta (Marietta) Chapter.

Motion:  Commit to reorganizing GNPA into a GNPA association and a separate NW Atlanta Chapter.  Chris 1st, Horace – 2nd; passed 

Committee assignments & reports

2)  Treasurer - Starr

- 2014 budget - Starr & Todd

  • All income and most expenses for Yellowstone will be by June 2014 for the 2015 trip.
  • Starr will change the budget to reflect the gross income for the Yellowstone.
  • Starr will add a line for chapter travel expenses – budget of $500

- Insurance for Chapters

  • Starr will talk to the insurance company about complete coverage for all chapter activities.
  • Stewart will take home the merchandise and bring it to meetings.  Kathy will be responsible for sales and shipping out web orders (once a month). 
  • We need to establish chapter guideline on field trip fees. 
  • Local chapter should post all field trip notices on the GNPA website. 
  • When there is an entrance fee to a day trip, have individuals pay at the door so we won’t pay a credit card or Paypal fee.
  • If a trip costs money, do we charge a credit card surcharge?  This may be a question that the GNPA Reorganization committee needs to address.

- Merchandise Committee – Stewart, Starr and Kathy

- Where to store?  Stewart’s house

- How to distribute to other Chapters?  Merchandise will be for sale at Expo.

- Order on GNPA website?  Not now.

- We will bring the tail ends/one of a kinds to Expo and put on sale.

- Starr will continue to order the merchandise when needed.

Motion: to pass budget with changes made by Starr at meeting – 1st Todd, 2nd Steve; approved.

3)  Secretary - Kathy

- Post minutes on our site?   Kathy will send out meeting minutes and give board members a week to comment.  Kathy will send corrected meeting minutes in WORD to board members.  Chris will grant admin rights to Kathy to post to our website.

4)  Membership - Steve

- Membership report from Steve’s email is attached to the meeting minutes email.

- Membership renewal notices - Starr & Chris get them.  Starr would like Steve to be the contact email for membership issues.

- Goal:  Create a membership benefits & activities page for prospective members.

- Goal:  Make downloadable PDF of our brochure with link to above page - Steve will look for a copy of the tri-fold, scan it and send Chris.  Chris says a PDF is ok for the brochure.

- Tom S. will create a message about EXPO aimed at the expired members.

- Don S. will upload the expired members’ names to Mail Chimp.

Tom, Don, or Chris will send it out.

5)  Chapter Coordination - David

- Chapter Guidelines - The guidelines will continue to be defined as the Board figures out more clearly what is needed and expected fur/from chapters.  Don S & Tom V will get together after this meeting.

- Publish Chapter contacts on one page on website.  David will send Chris a list. 

- The name of the Marietta Chapter will be changed to NW Atlanta Chapter.

- Chris will sent up new emails for each officer in each of the chapters.  Chris will set up each of those emails to forward to a personal email.  (So all email sent to the email address: 

, for example, will then forward to your personal email address.)

- New possibilities around Atlanta: Peachtree City, Alpharetta, Northlake/Decatur?

6)  New: Communications Director - Open

- Club e-mails & newsletters – Horace says that Ann Nettles may be willing. 

- Communication Committee:  A suggested resource for chapters – speaker list of speakers and topics

7)  Website – Chris

A suggestion was made to add a banner for EXPO alerts at the top of the webpage.

Our web service company has become a problem.  Contract with that service is up in a couple of months.  It will cost us several hundred to move it.

The photo contests photo entry mechanism is also very difficult to work with.  Estimates that it might cost $2500.  Chris will put out an RFP. 

Website will need consistent name change for the newly named NW Atlanta Chapter. 

The board agreed to hiring a part time assistant to handle routine posting to the website – Chris will find the person and hire them.

8)  Contact for other clubs & PSA - Open

- CNPA, NANPA, other notifications

- Meetup groups and notifications

Social media – Facebook – Todd will still do Facebook posts and Twitter.

9)  Education - Tom V

- CNC/GNPA joint classes kaput.  CNC has not responded to emails or voicemails since the face to face meeting with Rachel months ago.

- Classes can be held at Peachtree Camera Repair free of charge.

- Should education seminars be a GNPA function or a chapter function?  Should the money collected go to the chapter that organizes the seminar?

Comments from Horace:  On this question I believe that the GNPA Board should identify annually (or by some ongoing general description of characteristics) a group of education seminars which will be its responsibility and which chapters will be excluded from sponsoring on their own. Chapters should then be permitted to pursue other education seminars for their own chapter but open to all, to use as their own fund raisers. Another option would be to share some of the revenue from the board’s seminars with chapters to encourage them to promote attendance.

10)  Bylaws - Tom V/Don Stewart

- Board members please review the By-Laws dated 2/8/14 and send suggestions/comments to Tom.

11) NW Atlanta Chapter

- Officers – Open.  The reorganizing committee will need to determine how to split up the jobs/responsibilities of the GNPA Board and the NW Atlanta Chapter.  The NW Atlanta Chapter will likely need new officers.  Starr is interested in the Treasurer position for NW Atlanta (Marietta) chapter and recommends a CPA for this Association position.

12)  Meetings - Open

-        Meetings chair needed.  NW Atlanta chapter meeting speakers are confirmed through July. 

13)  Competitions & Exhibits – Open

-        David will do Member Display on Feb. 20, Kathy and Dale will do Member Display on March 20.


14)  Field trips - Open

2014 Expo - Tom S, Van, Horace, Starr, Kathy, and Stewart.(This is the current committee but is not sufficient in numbers as we move forward.)

- Todd will send out a flyer by Mail Chimp

15)  Loose ends?  EXPO Committee needs to meet again.  We have 2 months left.

- Registration update – 42 registered, seems low.

- Early registration ends 2 days after next meeting. We will push it at the next meeting.

- Door prizes – Tom has sent out requests.

- Tom will send an email blast to all the clubs that he had listed for shootout.

- We need to have a time for David to ask if there are people from the area that are interested in forming a chapter (North GA).

16)  2015 Expo - Horace

- Location & date will be selected before 2014 Expo

Still trying to work out the issue with Canon. Canon won’t allow us to charge for a Canon Explorer of Light.

17)  NG3C Shootout Summary - Tom S.  No word on whether there will be another Shootout.

18)  Sponsorships

- Showcase

- Peachtree Camera Repair

- Hunt’s

- Digital Arts Studio

19)  CNC

- Exhibits - if CNC will allow weekend installs, there are more people that can help – Steve and Kathy.

- Follow up with mutual promotion on website, etc.

20)  ACP - David

- Should we participate? How & why?

  • Last year we had very few non-members come (maybe only 1).
  • Our second event, the monthly meeting, had no more visitors than usual.
  • We have until June to make a final decision.  No decision made now.

21)  PSA

- Who will represent our Club?

- Club contests

- Post our info to PSA

- Tom S. will contact Pat to get more info about how Chattanooga uses PSA to judge their contests.

Set Board meeting dates:  April 5, June 7, August 2, October 4

Motion to adjourn:  1st Kathy, 2nd Tom, meeting adjourned.