About Us

Georgia Nature Photographers Needed a Club Focused on Nature Photography

The GNPA is an active and rapidly growing club of nature photographers that covers Georgia and includes members several other states. Our membership has already grown past 650 members and continues to expand as the club actively establishes chapters in different sections of Atlanta and around the State.

We have chapters on the coast, across the central part of Georgia and have 3 chapters in the Atlanta area (we'd like more!) because we know a local club is the best way to reach out and include more people who love nature photography and want to learn and take trips with others with their interests.

Our exponential growth is the result of a single-minded focus on giving nature photographers the very best club experience possible through regular monthly meetings, great speakers, educational workshops and plenty of field trips so you can get out and photograph with others.

The monthly meetings are always informative and feature regional and national nature photographers who generously share insights and "how-tos" with you, critique photos and more.

We have many photo competitions for members where they can earn recognition and win awards and get recognition. With the GNPA, there's always something going on.

The GNPA adds to the fun with a huge annual get-together called the Annual Expo. The Annual Expo is a time when members and participants meet for a weekend at a great venue, hold photo excursions, enjoy great food and meeting facilities. For this gala event, we bring in major nature photographers as keynote speakers who give you valuable insights, show you new and better techniques and of course, inspire us with great images.

At the Annual Expo, we also have our annual photo competition where winners are recognized with sizable cash prizes and equipment. For those who don't compete and would still like a chance to take home the goodies, we raffle off hundreds of dollars’ worth of equipment and yes, even cash, to members. You have the opportunity to leave with some great new equipment when you attend. And we guarantee you'll go away with new skills and places to go!

What makes all this possible of course, are your dues and participation in the club and its events. However, even that would not begin to cover the expense were it not for all the generous vendors who bring in equipment and donate heavily to the club.

Our key sponsors not only support the program at the Expo but also bring a ton of equipment to sell at heavy discounts right at the show. Along with Hunt’s Photo and Video, you'll find other supporters like Digital Arts Studio and Peachtree Camera Repair offering great discounts. Canon, Nikon, Sigma, and other vendors come with all their latest goodies so you can personally handle the latest and greatest. Hunt's Photo & Video also supports our club. 

Your active participation, membership and volunteering to host a trip or help your fellow photographers are what drives this club forward at a breakneck pace. We have a lot of activities going on and we can always use new people to take responsibility for trips, events, contests, membership and more so don't be bashful. Give a little back to your fellow photographers, you'll find it enormously rewarding!

We are a friendly, open club that wants your feedback, good and bad. We are absolutely dedicated to doing it the right way! Comments and suggestions are always appreciated so feel free to take the time to let the GNPA know your thoughts.

The Club's Early History