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WHEN: MAY 11-18, 2019



It is Spring Time In Yellowstone, the bears our just out of their dens and there are new cubs everywhere.  Cinnamon, black and grizzly bears are out in force looking for food after a long winter's sleep.  The buffalo have new calves and they are hyper active playing, jumping and running everywhere.

2019 05 Big Horn Sheep 3 1 of 1 1Bighorn Sheep are down grazing near the road. Coyotes, fox, badger, ground squirrel, marmot, elk, fox, otter, and moose are also spotted. If we are very lucky, we’ll see a wolf or two as well.  We’ve seen them on every trip but no guarantees with these elusive predators…

The geysers, hot springs, paint pots, travertine pools, and fumaroles are putting on a show. With the ice off the boardwalks getting to these features is easy and with few people yet in the park, it's a photographer's dream.  Snow capped peaks with green valleys provides a great contrast for landscapes too.

There are birds nesting and the rivers are running strong and clear with snowmelt runoff.  The Lower Falls and the eponymous yellow wall gorge of Yellowstone is roaring with heavy flows, the sun is coming up further to the north so now is a good time to shoot it.

2019 05 Quote the RavenjpgWHERE WE'LL STAY:  The Wyndham Days Inn, West Yellowstone, MT. Check in is after 1pm.


Per Person GNPA Fee: $450.

Room fee per person:


The fees includes your room for all 7 nights.

It does not include you transportation to Bozeman, MT or West Yellowstone, vehicle rental, food, drinks, park fees, personal or incidental expenses.  You are responsible for these.


To register, you must be a Current (paid) Member. If you are a Current Member and do not see the Register Here Button, Log In.

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Trip and Event Cancellation and Refund Policy

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The GNPA will make a good faith attempt to follow through with each field trip, workshop or event (hereafter referred to as “Trip”) as planned and described on the GNPA website. However, there may be circumstances that arise beyond the control of the GNPA that affect its ability to complete the Trip as planned.


If the GNPA cancels a Trip prior to the start date for these or any other reason, the GNPA will refund all monies paid the GNPA.

A member who is unable to attend for any reason will be responsible for any payments not covered by the included travel insurance.


If you are unable to attend the event will help cover the costs.  One company you can try is TRAVELINSURANCE.COM but shop around for others.

Cancellations are permitted as follows:

  • If Cancelled by End of Day, December 31, 2018 - a $150 cancellation fee will apply.
  • If Cancelled by End of Day, January 30, 2019 - a $250 cancellation fee will apply.
  • If cancelled after End of Day, February 28, 2019 - a $350 cancellation fee will apply.
  • No cancellations after End of Day, March 11, 2019 are allowed. However, if you, or we can find a person to take your reservation, you will be charged a cancellation fee of $100 and the balance of the fees paid the GNPA refunded.

2019 05 Marmot 1 flip 1 of 1NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN AFTER END OF DAY March 11, 2019.

Personal safety is of utmost importance. Nature photography includes inherent risks which all participants must evaluate for themselves as to the safety of any activity based on their personal abilities. Be constantly aware of your surroundings and any potential hazards which could result in injury to you or others. Do not place yourself in danger.


A block of autos at discount rates will be available to trip participants from a local car rental company .We've used them for years and their service and vehicles are top notch.

Weekly rental rates are available from $550.00 for a 2 year old Outback to $922.00 for a New Suburban and include full insurance.

You are responsible for making your own car reservations directly with the rental company.  We find two to no more than 3 photographers will fit in an Outback.  A Suburban can handle 4.  Carpooling cuts the cost if you decide to share and makes the trip a lot more fun.  You do not have to use these vehicles, you are free to contact any car rental company you wish. 

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You'll receive complete information on renting these vehicles and additional information on the trip after your register.


Fly in to Bozeman, MT (BZN) May 11, 2019

Flights to Bozeman can be expensive if you wait to make a reservation.  Book early and you'll save about half the cost of your ticket.

Check in at the Days Inn will be on Saturday, May 11, 2018 after 1pm.  Checkout is Saturday AM on May 18.  Airline flights arrive from the east coast around noon or 1 and depart east around 9AM.

We will turn in our cars and drive back to Bozeman, MT and turn them in.  We'll be transported to the airport from the rental company.  Note that flights usually leave around 9am.  W. Yellowstone by 6 am for the drive up.  Depending on your flight time, you may need to leave earlier or later.

Fly out of Bozeman, MT May 18, 2019.

Yellowstone In Spring 2014

In the Park:

2019 05 YNP Scenic 7 geyserWe know where to find the animals and where to go for landscapes and geysers, etc.  We'll be splitting up after a day or so after you've had an opportunity to become acquainted with the park. That will let you follow your passion.  We're not a workshop or a guided tour so you're free to roam and go and come as you please.

We had planned for 2 leaders but one will be unable to attend. After you register, you'll receive a $75 refund as a result.

For those of you focused primarily on animals, we'll have some insider information on what's being seen where. For landscape photographers, we'll be working on a compendium of places and times to get some incredible work.

We'll cover a lot of distance each day as we ride to the right spots at the right time and be gone early and return late.  We usually break for lunch and eat in or just outside the park at a restaurant.  Park bathrooms are open and we'll stop as needed.

It's usually pretty mild this time of year, check the weather forecasts and bring what you think you'll need.  Don't forget, it can get cold here since the elevation is high 6,500' plus and the nights are usually clear.  Mid day, things warm up so layer.


All wild animals are dangerous, hot springs and fumaroles can kill and paths, walkways and rock can be wet and slippery.  To help avoid any problems, use common sense and study the YELLOWSTONE NP PARK SERVICE SAFETY INFORMATION briefing page.

By registering, you are agreeing to the standard GNPA Warranty and Liability Release (view here)


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Chris Dekle.

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