Seventy GNPA Photographers representing 7 chapters spent the day scrambling in and around Fernbank Science Center, Decatur, and Atlanta on Saturday participating in our first Inter-Chapter Competition following the model of the NG3C Shootout that is held each fall as an Inter-Club Competition.  This event was planned to also provide a remembrance of our Photographer friend, Jeff Woodlee. 

Five topics were drawn at 9 AM, and included BAGS, WEAR and TEAR, ENCLOSED, TWO OF ANYTHING, and TOOLS. 

Then everyone proceeded to shoot, return and process, and enter their five best photos for scoring, where winning photos for 1st through 4th received 5-1 points, respectively.   While judging was being conducted by Ledra Woodlee, Larry Winslett, Horace Hamilton, and Tom Simpson the group of shooters were rewarded with a free planetarium show provided by the Fernbank Science Center and a replay of the Ron Magill presentation that he gave at the GNPA Expo in April. 

When all the tallies were completed, 1st place awards, that included a $50 gift Certificate from Hunts Camera, were given to Jenny Burdette (Gwinnett) for Bags, Linda Nixon (Griffin) for Wear and Tear, Herta Thomas (Griffin) for enclosed, Janet Newton (Smyrna) for Two of Anything, and Ledra Wolner (Roswell) for Tools. 

Special thanks to Tony Madden, Carolyn Madden and the rest of the Fernbank Science Center staff for working extra hard to support this event including setting up classrooms for use by the chapters to process their images.  GNPA should now have a great showing at the annual NG3C Shootout which will take place near Canton, GA on November 3rd.

This PowerPoint Presentation available for download in our Dropbox at GNPA Jeff Woodlee Memorial Shootout Powerpoint shows all the 1st through 4th place winners and their respective chapters.   The last slide shows Gwinnett as the winning chapter followed closely by Griffin with Roswell and Smyrna in a tie for third. (The original scoring of Smyrna in first place was an error because the GNPA President can’t add!).