A Joint GNPA, CNC, and RFAA Contest/Exhibit at Chattahoochee Nature Center



Georgia Nature Photographers Association (GNPA) will partner with the Chattahoochee Nature Center (CNC) and the Roswell Fine Arts Association (RFAA) for the 4th Annual Photo Competition and Exhibit that is to be included as part of the fall Atlanta Celebrates Photography event.

The theme is titled Double Vision. Twenty-four (24) images will be selected in the contest to be exhibited in the CNC River Resource Gallery in Roswell, Georgia. These same images will be painted by artists from the RFAA.

When brought to the CNC for hanging, the photographic image and the painted image will be hung side-by-side…thus the theme name Double Vision. There will be a “People’s Choice Award” given at a GNPA/RFAA Members Only reception on September 10th at CNC as well as ribbons and awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places and Honorable Mentions. 

A public opening and “Meet The Artists” reception will be announced later.

The Rules:
  1. This Contest/Exhibit is open to all members of GNPA. If you are not a GNPA member, join today ( http://www.gnpa.org).
  2. There is no entry fee for this Contest/Exhibit.
  3. Entry for the contest will be through the GNPA Facebook page.  If you are not a member of the GNPA Facebook group, please ask to join.
  4. Once you have joined the GNPA Facebook group, post your image in a comment to the Double Vision Contest/Exhibit thread pinned at the top of the GNPA Facebook page. Submit only one image per comment. Include the image caption plus any relevant brief details to describe your image. You may submit up to 3 entries, each in a separate comment.
  5. Your images will look better if they are re-sized according to Facebook guidelines. For Facebook sharing, that’s 1200 pixels on the long side.
  6. This Contest/Exhibit is open only to nature photography images. Images of other subjects will be excluded. Any genre of nature photography may be submitted.
  7. Images may have been taken anywhere and anytime.
  8. Submissions may not have been previously exhibited at CNC.
  9. Images will be reviewed to make sure they are accurate and fit competition rules.
  10. Images will be judged on the basis of overall photographic excellence and providing a diversity of participants, genres and styles.
  11. Composite images are specifically not allowed. Normal post processing plus minor edits or corrections are allowed. Images should represent what was actually seen in the field.
  12. Contest winners will need to frame their images at their own cost in solid black frames with acrylic glazing and white mats, details to be provided later.  Frame sizes will be 18x24, 20x24, or 16x20 – no panorama or square frames.
  13. Additional instructions for Winners: 

    Winners will  be asked to pay a fee of $10 to GNPA for each selected print.  Details of payment process will be provided to the winners. 

NOTE:  “By submitting your photograph you hereby grant the designated artist the right to produce a painting, drawing, or other artwork from the photograph.  Furthermore, you understand that there is no obligation or expectation of payment of any type for the right to produce artwork based on your photo or the possible sale of such artwork by the artist.  In addition, the photographer grants to GNPA the right to use the photo for promotional purposes in conjunction with this exhibit, the GNPA website, or other GNPA contests now or in the future.”


June 1, 2019:  Photo submission period begin

June 23, 2019:  Photo submission period ends

June 30, 2019:   Photographers with selected photos are notified

August 28, 2019:  Gallery installation

September 1-December 4, 2019:  DoubleVision show is open

September 10, 2019:  GNPA/RFAA members only reception

Mid to late September:  Meet the Artists reception

December 4, 2019:  DoubleVision exhibit takedown