The 2017 GNPA Board Election will take place in March 2017

Only Current GNPA Members may vote for candidates.

During the voting period, if you do not see the VOTE Button below, please log in.

The Nominating Committee has assembled a full slate of well-qualified candidates.  Please note the following:

  • Anyone who wishes to be a write-in candidate for any open Board position should send a email to the Nominating Committee at .   The email should indicate which position for which the person is volunteering as a candidate.   The email must also contain a head shot photo in jpg format plus a brief biography for use in the ballot.  The write-in nominations will be accepted only from Wednesday March 1 through Tuesday March 7.
  • All GNPA members will be able cast their votes online between Monday, March 20 and Tuesday, March 28.
  • If Alfie Wace is elected Vice President, she will resign her current At-Large position midterm.   The GNPA Board would then fill the open position for the remainder of the term in accordance with the GNPA by-laws.

Nominating Committee:  Stewart Woodard, Stewart Roach, Michael Anderson

GNPA members will cast their votes for all four GNPA Officer positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) plus two open At-Large positions. 


Slate of Nominees for the 2017 GNPA Board Election
Position Nominee(s) Chapter
President Tom Simpson NC Atlanta
Vice President/Chapter Liaison Alfie Wace Coastal GA
Secretary Chris Roughgarden (incumbent) NW Atlanta
Treasurer Joyce Glover (incumbent) NE Atlanta
At Large – 2 open positions Francis Hauke Central GA
Billy Watson (incumbent) West Central GA
Past President Horace Hamilton NE Atlanta
Web Manager Chris Dekle N Central Atlanta
At Large Alfie Wace Coastal GA
At Large Tom Walborn Central GA
At-Large Ed Zawacki NE Atlanta
Biographies of Nominees
Nominee Tom Simpson
Photo  2017 01 Tom Simpson
Position President
Chapter NC Atlanta

Tom is a retired biologist with a career in academics and environmental consulting.  His photographic interests cover a wide range but are primarily around nature including landscapes, wildlife, and macro with a particular focus on birds in flight and video, including time lapse photography.  As a member of GNPA, Tom has served on the GNPA Board as an At-Large member and currently as a non-voting representative of the North Central Chapter as Coordinator. 

Tom has led the GNPA Team on some of the annual NG3C Shootouts and was the organizer for the GNPA led Shootout at Emory at Oxford when the team captured 1st place in this interclub competition.  He has also led a number of GNPA local field trips as well as the annual trip to the Circle B Bar Preserve and other locations in Florida for several years. He also has helped in the planning and been a field trip leader for the annual GNPA Smokies trip and also been part of the planning teams for the GNPA Expo for several years.  His photography has been recognized in juried competitions including those for the Carolina Nature Photography Association and the GNPA.   He also has photos published in the book on the Natural Communities of Georgia and the Journal of the National Wildlife Federation and has a collection of prints on permanent display at a local restaurant.   Most recently Tom has initiated the process for starting a new GNPA chapter in Alpharetta.

Nominee Alfie Wace
Photo  2017 01 Alfie Wace
Position Vice President & Chapter Lieason
Chapter Coastal GA

Ms. Wace is a founder and former Coordinator of the Coastal GA Chapter. published and award-winning photographer, She completed her formal education at Southeastern Center for the Arts in Atlanta, GA under the direction of Neil Chaput de Saintonge.  During that time, she had the opportunity to study with some of this era’s finest photographers including Cole Weston, Bruce Barnbaum and Alison Shaw.

After graduation, Ms. Wace served her internship with one of Atlanta’s foremost commercial photographers, Kevin Ames of Ames Photographic Illustration, and continued on with Kevin as his Sales Representative.  In her journey through photographic styles of glamour, public relations and product photography, Ms. Wace says she had to face the reality that being outdoors and photographing nature is where her heart truly lies.

In her own words, Ms. Wace says: “Sometimes I shoot for content, sometimes for color. Mostly, I shoot for what I see as the simple astounding beauty of Mother Nature. I try to use as few tools–filters and digital enhancements–as possible while pushing my camera and lenses to their maximum potential. Nature doesn’t need any help from me.”

“Oftentimes as I am traveling I wish there was someone with me to see the magic.  With childlike wonder I will catch myself pointing to a scene and saying out loud ‘Look at THAT’.  And while I do love the freedom of shooting alone, at the end of the day, I want to share those images with everyone.  Thanks to the internet, I can now do just that.”

Ms. Wace’s first book, ‘Twenty-Four Exposures' is a collection of her favorite photographs from her vast travels around the country. Included along with the images are quotes from notable personalities about the beauty of the world and the importance of caring for the environment.

Ms. Wace is the founder and current Coordinator of the Coastal Chapter of GNPA and Chair for the 2016 GNPA Expo, a member of NANPA, Tybee Arts Association, Savannah Art Association, The Landings Art Association and  She recently moved to Tybee Island where she is enjoying the fabulous island and all that coastal living has to offer!

Ms. Wace’s work can be seen and purchased at Tybee Cottage Art Gallery, 1207 US Highway 80, Tybee Island, GA, at seasonal Tybee Arts Association shows and on her website:

Nominee Chris Roughgarden
Photo  2017 01 Chris Roughgarden
Position Secretary (incumbent)
Chapter NW Atlanta
Bio Chris has been a member of Georgia Nature Photographers Association for the past 7 years. She has served as Secretary on the GNPA Board of Directors for the past two years. She has participated in five NG3C Shootouts being a GNPA team leader each time. Chris has enjoyed participating in several GNPA workshops and Expos. She has been excited to see the growth of the club over the years and is looking forward to helping it continue to grow. Professionally, Chris works for the Atlanta Braves as a staff photographer for their AAA team, the Gwinnett Braves. She is also a freelance photographer for the Gwinnett Daily Post, assists/second shoots for a wedding photographer and covers events for several local photographers. Chris enjoys hiking and photographing nature with the Smokey Mountains and Stone Mountain being two of her favorite places.
Nominee Joyce Clover
Photo  2017 01 Joyce Glover
Position Treasurer (incumbent)
Chapter NE Atlanta

Joyce Glover is most recently semi-retired after seventeen years as assistant controller/corporate accountant with Professional Filing Systems; a multi-million dollar corporation with twenty-three subsidiaries in nine states.  She has prepared bank reconciliations, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, account reconciliations and audits for multiple companies.  She co-managed the annual consolidated corporate audit as well as the ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) audits and continues to act as administrator of the ESOP.  In addition, she is/has been responsible for all annual workers compensation insurance, general liability, and 401K audits; as well as all compliance requirements with local, county, state and federal entities--this is the semi-retirement part!  Joyce graduated from Georgia State University in 1993 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and is a member of Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Fraternity.  In addition to these qualifications, Joyce has served many organizations as treasurer, ways and means (how’s that for an old term) and publication chairs.  She considers her attention to details and organizational skills as her greatest assets, and would welcome the opportunity to serve GNPA as its treasurer.

Joyce has been part of the GNPA growth over the last few years, and sees the “landscape” of this organization as high quality.  She believes in the continued growth of GNPA through the technical education of members using professional speakers and workshops.  Joyce would appreciate seeing more critiques using digital images like the presentation during the Smokey Mountain weekend last fall.  “Friendly” feedback encourages the membership to become better photographers and put their work “out there,” which in turn promotes a GNPA goal; bringing awareness to nature photography in Georgia.

Nominee Francis Hauke
Photo  2017 01 Francis Hauke
Position At Large
Chapter West Central Georgia

Francis and his wife have lived in Fayetteville, Georgia for thirty plus years, where they raised three children. He is an audio/video design engineer by day for one of the largest A/V contractors in the US with five offices in the Southeast.

Francis started his photography in the mid-seventies with a Minolta 202 and later switched to the Nikon FE then to the Nikon F3. His first digital camera was a Nikon D1, which he still uses on occasion. His current camera of choice is the Nikon D3 series.

He served two terms as President of the West Central Georgia Shutterbugs, and joined the GNPA in 2011. Francis is a lifetime member and was instrumental in forming the Central Georgia Chapter of the GNPA. Francis served as Vice President of GNPA in 2015 and 2016.

He is very passionate about his photography whether it be nature, landscape or sports.  While he thoroughly enjoys the serenity and challenge of nature photography, he is also drawn to competitive motorsports. In 2007 he was offered the opportunity of track photographer at a prominent 3/8 mile oval track. Here, he enjoys the challenges of the sport by capturing  the many facets of the live event. Thereby, through his website, provides the fans, drivers and owners the convenience of owning the cherished memories of the events. His work is published weekly on various motorsport websites and at regular intervals in magazines and newspapers.

He is a well rounded individual who lives with passion, dedication, and excitement. His work may be seen at and may be contacted at .

Nominee Billy Watson
Photo  2017 01 Billy Watson
Position At Large (incumbent)
Chapter West Central Georgia

West Central Georgia Chapter Coordinator – 2015 to Current

Member at Large GNPA Board of Directors – 2015 to Current

Billy has been an avid outdoorsman most of his life. It wasn’t until three years ago that his wife Cathy introduced nature and wildlife photography to him. He accompanied her on several outings but as her passion for photography grew, so did the backpack he was carrying around. It wasn’t long after that when Cathy received a new camera and Billy picked up her old one. The rest is history.

Four years ago, Billy and Cathy met Johnnie Gaskill at the Birds of Prey show at Callaway Gardens, where he learned of GNPA. Johnnie told them about their chapter and invited the two of them to attend a meeting in Zebulon, Georgia. Following that meeting, Billy knew he had found a group of people with common interests and a passion for wildlife photography. The only problem was, Zebulon Georgia was a long drive at night from his home in Cataula, Georgia. In July of 2014, Billy contacted GNPA to inquire about forming a new chapter. In September, after gathering information, Billy met with two other local photographers and they began forming a local chapter. On December 9, 2014 the first organizational meeting of the West Central Georgia Chapter of the Georgia Nature Photographers was held in Pine Mountain, Georgia with 26 in attendance. At their second meeting on January 13, 2015, the chapter elected Billy to serve as their Chapter Coordinator.

“It is my intention to serve as a resource for all photographers so they can enjoy their passion, improve their skills, and help protect nature.” - Billy Watson