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2017 03 Dragonflies Damselflies Book cover small 17.01.23

March 22, 2017 - Dragonflies and Damselflies of Georgia and the Southeast” with Giff Beaton

Cornerstone Coworking279 W Crogan Street, Lawrenceville, GA Giff Beaton author of “Dragonflies and Damselflies of Georgia and the Southeast” and widely known for his outstanding photography and knowledge of birds, dragonflies, damselflies, reptiles and other things of nature. Tonight’s focus will be Dragonflies and Damselflies of Georgia as he also shares and discusses some of his photographic examples. Learn more about how to photograph, find and approach one of nature’s interesting groups. He has eagerly studied nature for over 40 years and for the past 25 years, he has led a variety of… Read Announcement >>>
2017 02 Tom V Michael A John S

Feb. 22, 2017 Second Annual Tribute to ANSEL ADAMS – “Black & White Competition”

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 6:30 PM to bring print & 7:00 PM Meeting startsCornerstone Coworking 279 W Crogan Street, Lawrenceville, GA Ansel Adams birthday, February 20, 1902 was 115 years ago. This competition is our small way of honoring and paying a tribute to the person who practically synonymous with nature photography. Concept of “Stand in Ansel Adams Footsteps” is to shoot in Monochrome (Black & White) and emulate as close as you can his style or work. Our Judge – Tom Vadnais is a past GNPA state President, EXPO presenter & previously a speaker and judge for several GNPA Chapters.… Read Announcement >>>
2017 01 Eric Bowles

January 25, 2017 Photography Copyright, a Discussion with Eric Bowles

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 7:00 PMCornerstone Coworking279 W Crogan Street, Lawrenceville, GA Eric Bowles returns to our chapter tonight. Eric has been a long-time supporter of GNPA and our chapter. He has spoken many times, lead field trips and shared his experiences and knowledge freely with many of us. Eric is Director of Nikonians Academy, a member and supporter of PPA (Professional Photographers of America), NANPA (North American Nature Photographers Association), GNPA (Georgia Nature Photography Association), CNPA (Carolinas Nature Photography Association), Chattahoochee Nature Center,… Read Announcement >>>


2017 02 panel image

February 14, 2017 - Photographer’s Panel and Time Lapse Photography

I have asked a few of our well known and outstanding women photographers (not that all of you are not outstanding photographers!) to appear as a panel to learn their approaches to some of their wonderful nature photography. The panelists are: Sophie De Backer, Marcia Brandes, Kathy Aspy, Mary Jo Cox, and Toni Anderson They will tell a little about their: Current Gear (camera, favorite lens, special gear in your bag). Post processing software including any plug-ins they like Favorite nature targets and what else they shoot Favorite places to shoot and maybe show some of their work. Then the… Read Announcement >>>


2017 01 Alicia Pastiran

February 21, 2017 - Alicia Pastiran "How nature photography blends with the Ga. DNR Program"

February 21, 2017, at Central Chapter in Griffin, GA, Alicia Pastiran will talk about how nature photography blends with the Georgia DNR program of Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW). The meeting will be begin at 6:30 PM at the Women’s Center, Spalding Regional Hospital. Members as well as interested potential members are invited. Alicia’s longtime interest in photography/art really began to get serious in 2004 after her first summer as a Yellowstone National Park tour guide. She did several presentations of her photos of the park’s flora and fauna at the high school, where she had taught and… Read Announcement >>>

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2017 02 Elk on Madison Scenic 350

Feb 4-9, 2017 Yellowstone In Winter

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The much anticipated Winter, 2017 trip to Yellowstone National Park will be hosted again this winter by Bob Waters and Chris Dekle. You won’t want to miss it. Our past 4 trips have been loved by all who went and we have a lot of former participants who are waiting to go again on this trip. DATES In-Park: February 4th through the 9th, 2017 with an optional 3 day add-on trip to Lamar Valley February 10-12, 2017. Spaces Available: Only 18 spaces are available. This trip sells out quickly so don’t delay Because of new insurance requirements, you must be a GNPA member before you can register for… Read More >>>

September 2017 - Glacier National Park, Triple D Game Ranch & National Bison Range

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Glacier National Park is a well known destination for photographers offering stunning landscapes, water, and macro photographic opportunities. What is not so well know is it's also a fantastic location for getting once in a lifetime shots of Grizzly Bear, Wolves, Mountain Lion, Fox (three varieties), Bobcat and Lynx. It’s an adventure that will leave you with lasting memories and plenty of pictures to commemorate the experience. Next year the GNPA is offering 14 lucky photographers the opportunity to photograph Glacier and wildlife. There are two dates, each limited to 7 photographers plus… Read More >>>


GNPA Competitions

2016 03 04 BloomsBlossoms

2016-01 Blooms & Blossoms Exhibit Hung and Winners Selected

GNPA Competions
The Exhibit of the 18 finalist images from the Blooms and Blossoms Contest was hung in the Chattahoochee Nature Center (CNC ) lobby and judged on March 4, 2016. All of the images looked wonderful. Everyone is encouraged to stop by the CNC lobby and see the exhibit first hand. CNC is located at 9135 Willeo Road, Roswell, GA 30075. They are open Monday-Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm and Sunday: Noon – 5 pm. From the 18 finalists, the following images have been selected and awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons. 1st Place: Martin Bozone - Water Lilies (Atlanta Botanical Gardens) 2nd Place: Sophie De… Read More >>>
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GNPA & Non-GNPA Competitions

GNPA Competions
If no entries appear in a category, there are no scheduled competitions. GNPA OPEN COMPETITIONS NON-GNPA COMPETITIONS Read More >>>

Non-GNPA Competitions

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The North Georgia Camera Club Council (NG3C) 9th Annual Shootout Results

Non-GNPA Competitons
The North Georgia Camera Club Council (NG3C) held their 9th Annual Shootout in November for their member clubs in the region. Twelve clubs from Georgia and Tennessee participated, including the Georgia Nature Photographers Association (GNPA) including over 260 photographers, 40 of whom were from GNPA. The day started with a drawing at 8AM at the host site for five topics that represent the challenges for the photographers. Each club then sends out their members for a few hours to capture images that reflect each of the selected topics and illustrate the collective creative and technical… Read More >>>
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Regional Competitions

Non-GNPA Competitons
The GNPA keeps members aware of other competitions held in the region by other camera clubs and organizations. This is where you can find other competitions to gain recognition and win prizes. Read More >>>