GNPA Chapter Updates

NW Atlanta Chapter Monthly Meeting Speaker

NE Atlanta Chapter  Monthly Meeting Speaker

March 2015 - No Meeting

Not held during the Annual Expo.  Meetings will be held as usual in April.

Rescheuled Mar 11, 2015 - David Foster "Photographing Water"

February Meeting

Mar. 11,2015 at 7:00pm at St Edwards in the church SANCTUARY

David Foster - Photographing Water

St Edward's Episcopal Church (In the Sanctuary instead of Nicholson Hall)
7:00 PM
737 Moon Road Southwest, Lawrenceville, GA (map)

This presentation reflects our fascination with water, exploring an array of images that capture aspects of its beauty, mystery, energy and variety.  Water has so many qualities to entice our interest.  Perhaps most compelling is its extraordinary variations:

Dewdrop, rain, stream, waterfall, surf
Opaque, translucent, transparent
Prismatic, refractive, reflective
Still, flowing, churning, raging
Solid, liquid, vapor

2015-2-NEATL-Web-of-PearlsThese variations offer diverse opportunities and challenges for creating engaging images to these, sunlight at different times of day, times of year, and angles - with varied colors, shapes and textures in the surrounding landscapes.  This provides a recipe for endless fascination and exploration in our photographic endeavors.  This presentation will cover aesthetic, practical and technical aspects of photographing water.

David’s passion for nature photography reemerged in 2003 when advances in digital technology finally allowed him to pursue his artistic interests without a darkroom.  David began exhibiting and selling his work in 2006, while living in western Massachusetts.  His first solo exhibit after moving to metro Atlanta was at the Decatur Library in 2008.  Since then, his images have been part of more than 50 exhibitions - including solo, juried and group shows - in the Southeast and beyond.  David’s photographs are held in private and public collections across the United States and internationally.


Central GA Chapter  Monthly Meeting Speaker

The March meeting for the GNPA Central Chapter will be held at our new location at Spaulding Regional Hospital on Tuesday, March 17th at 6:30 PM.  The meeting will be in the conference room of the Women’s Center.

In an effort to learn from each other, the theme for this meeting will be “What’s in your camera bag?”  or “What is your go-to equipment?”  Members choosing to participate will be asked to present to the group the equipment they would consider a must for a spur of the moment photography outing, and their reasons for selecting this equipment.

After the initial presentations, members are encouraged to bring their camera bags, tripods, and full range of lenses for display and to participate in questions and answers session.  This will give everyone an opportunity to learn the pros and cons of different equipment; and possibly aid in future purchases.


Coastal GA Chapter Monthly Meeting Speaker

March 2015 Meeting and Field Trip

GNPA Coastal Chapter ~ Savannah, GA

Our next regular meeting is at 6:30PM, Tuesday, March 3, 2015 at Dick Blick Art Materials, 318 E Broughton St, Savannah, GA, in the upstairs loft.

2015-03-Coastal-BlickArtMaterials Interior Photo22015-03-Coastal-BlickArtMaterials StoreFront Photo1






The folks at the Dick Blick Design Center will be doing a presentation on the many matting, framing and printing services they offer. As has become a habit, we'll be meeting afterwards at Juarez Mexican Restaurant down the street at 420 East Broughton Street, Savannah, GA to eat and socialize.

On Saturday, March 7, our Field Trip will take us to Harris Neck Wildlife Refuge


W Central GA Chapter Monthly Meeting Speaker

March 10, 2015 - Eric Bowles "Ethics and Etiquette for Nature Photography"

Ethics and Etiquette for Nature Photography

2015-03-WCGA EricBowles1Nature photographers often find themselves at the center of discussions about ethics and etiquette.  We’ve all observed behavior that is illegal, inappropriate, or unethical.  Often the guidelines don’t seem to apply equally to everyone.  Is it okay to use bait to photograph a subject?  When is the photo worth the impact?  What kind of rules govern behavior?  Where do you go for information?  What kinds of things are legal but still wrong?  And of course, etiquette is important too.  Have you ever had someone walk in front of you for an image – or spook a subject you were carefully working.