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NW Atlanta Chapter Monthly Meeting Speaker

October 15th - Planning and Preparation for Nature Photography - Robert Hice

Thursday, October 15 at 7PM
Smyrna Community Center
200 Village Green Cir, Smyrna, GA

Our speaker will be Robert Hice, Jr. presenting on Planning and Preparation for Nature Photography

2015 10 NW Hice1

Robert is a very experienced photographer who adds innovative and unique approaches to capturing the nature in the wild.  He has been recognized in a number of photo competitions for the quality of his work and the obvious effort and patience that goes into his art and composition.  As a long time member of the Merritt Island Wildlife Association he was recognized a few years ago in their newsletter with the following:

 “Robert noticed the raccoons had been tearing up the wooden feeders which resulted in halting the feeding of our seasonal wild birds. He guaranteed he could build us a “raccoon proof” feeder. Well, that he did. Unfortunately, the handmade feeder was much larger than we imagined:  4 X 4 feet. He included a center column to prevent raccoons from climbing into the feeder and the provided “platform feeding”. After much discussion, we sat and waited to see if it worked. And, sure enough, not one raccoon has made it to the bird seed. Robert and his little wiener dog Ginger, also dropped off numerous bags of bird seed, peanut butter, bread, and three handmade Barred Owl nesting boxes. Thank you, Robert, for an entertaining visit- one we talked about for weeks!”

2015 10 NW Hice2More recently Robert’s photograph of egrets mating titled “Morning Dance” won the People’s Choice awards at the juried gallery show, Images of Nature at the Rectory in Norcross last year.

Robert is always entertaining and full of surprises, and has said he considers himself “a lazy photographer”, which probably has resulted in his most innovative approaches to getting the incredible photos that he does. 

Robert will present on what we should do before we go into the field…Planning and Preparation for Nature Photography.    This will be a great educational presentation, don’t miss it.

There will also be a brief presentation on Ethics in Nature Photography and updates on future events and competitions in the GNPA and elsewhere.  See you there!

NE Atlanta Chapter  Monthly Meeting Speaker

Oct. 28 - The Ins and Outs of Printing your Images with Bob FitzGibbons

2015 06 bob fitz d7100 2Bob FitzGibbons is currently the technical director at Showcase Photo and Video in Atlanta, Georgia.   Since 2003 he has been the owner and operator of Fitz Photography.  Bob enjoys researching the newest advancements in photography and printing technology and spends time teaching others in personal classes as well as photography workshops around the globe. In his spare time Bob enjoys life with his wife, two children and their dog. 

Bob will be discussing the aspects of photography that you need to know to produce quality images including paper choices, color management including monitor calibration and information on using Adobe software to print your photographs.

Location: St Edward's Episcopal Church
                 737 Moon Road Southwest, Lawrenceville, GA

NC Atlanta Chapter Monthly Meeting Speaker

Central GA Chapter  Monthly Meeting Speaker

October 20, 2015 - Clive "Scotty" Scott "Focus Stacking"

2015 10 Central Clive Scotty Scott1The next meeting of the Central Chapter will be at 6:30 PM, October 20, 2015.  It will be held in the conference room of the Women’s Center, Spalding Regional Hospital in Griffin, GA. Clive “Scotty” Scott will be discussing Focus Stacking, what it is and how to use it.

Everyone has seen those close-up photos of a bee or a flower, where every part of the subject is in perfect focus.  If you have ever wondered how to do that, here is your chance to learn.  Scotty will be discussing his techniques, as well as the equipment he used to take the shots, and the software he used to process the photos into one striking image.  Join us for what promises to be an educational and entertaining evening! 

Scotty has been working with photography for many years. He has attended many different workshops around the US and overseas, and belongs to several different photography clubs and organizations.

For driving directions, visit the Central Chapter Meetings page on the GNPA website:

Coastal GA Chapter Monthly Meeting Speaker

W Central GA Chapter Monthly Meeting Speaker